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  •  Mohand al Shehri was born in Asir province in Saudi Arabia near the border with Yemen 07/05/1979. Mohand al Shehri was a student in the Imam Saud local-university in Al-Baha. As Mohand al Shehris’ devotion to the Wahhabism radical-interpretation of Islam grew he moved to the Al-Qasim region, in central-Saudi Arabia, that is the traditional-center of Wahhabism.
According to some sources Mohand al Shehri fought in Chechnya in 2000 with Hamza al-Ghamdi – a member of his flight 175 team. It is known that Mohand Al-Shehri flew back from Iran through Kuwait with Hamza al-Ghamdi on late 10/2000. On 10/23/2000 Mohand Al-Shehri applied for a visa to USA in Jeddah. 
Mohand al Shehri arrived in USA on a flight from London with Abdulaziz al-Omari, a muscle hijacker from flight 11 team, and his team member Hamza al-Ghamdi ,  immediately moved to Delray Beach, Florida. Like other 9 hijackers, Mohand al Shehri opened a local-bank account in Sun Trust Bank, Florida.  
On night of 09/10/2001 Mohand al Shehri shared a room in Milner Hotel, Boston, Massachusetts, with Fayez Banihammad, Satam al-Suqami from flight 11 team and Marwan al-Shehi a Hamburg Cell member and the pilot hijacker of his flight 175 team.
Mohand al Shehri boarded flight 175 the morning of The 9/11 without problem.


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