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Marwan al Shehi was born on 05/09/1978 to a local religious preacher in Ras Al Khaimah, UAE. He was known for his amicable disposition.
In 1996 he enrolled in a language school in Bonn, Germany. It took Marwan al Shehi 2 years to master German and then he enrolled in Hamburg, Germany for technical studies. In Hamburg, in the Al Quds mosque he met the members of the Hamburg Cell.

Throughout 1999 Marwan Al-Shei met several times a week with Mohamed Atta and Ramzi Binalshibh to discuss the Muslims’ situation in the Middle East.

Marwan al Shehi was considered by his fellow worshipers in the Al Quds mosque as knowledgeable in the Koran. According to intelligence he used his influence to conscript members, who became his colleagues in the Hamburg Cell, for Jihad and extremist Islam.

Marwan al Shehi participated in the wedding of Said Bahaji in 10/1999 together with many of those that took part, later, in The 9/11 plot. In 11/1999 Marwan al Shehi went to Afghanistan to train with Mohamed Atta, Ramzi Binalshibh and Ziad Jarrah. Same as his friends Marwan al Shehi returned to Germany in 02/2000, shaved his beard off to present a liberal appearance and reported loss of his passport so the trip to Afghanistan would not be traced. Already in Germany Marwan al Shehi started to train on a flight simulator.

Marwan al Shehi arrived in Newark, USA, on 05/29/2000 – one month before Mohamed Attas’ arrival. Both of them moved to Florida, trained to fly planes and together they got flight license for light planes in 12/2000 continuing to train in Florida in the same flight school where Zacarias Moussaoui took lessons.  Marwan al Shehi took frequent internal commercial flights with the intent, probably, to check security measures before and during flights. Marwan al Shehi took part in the final meeting in Tarragona, Spain, on 07/16/2001.


Marwan al Shehis’ name as a suspect in terrorist activities was forwarded to the CIA by the ISRAELI Mossad on 08/23/2001.

It is known that Marwan al Shehi purchased his flight ticket for flight 175 on 08/26/2001. At the same time he corresponded through the internet with his team members who stayed at the time in Delray Beach, Florida.

All team members got together on 09/10/2001 in a hotel room in the Milner Hotel, Boston. The next day, on The 9/11 ,  they boarded flight 175.

* Marwan al Shehi’s martyr –videotape was transmitted by Al-Jazeera T.V Network on 07/09/2006.


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