Abdul  Hakim Murad a Muslim born 01/04/1968 in Baluchistan, Pakistan. Raised in Kuwait where his father worked for Kuwait oil industry. In Kuwait he met Ramzi Yousef who became later a chief terror activist.


At the start of 1990 he got basic flight license in Dubai. Later Abdul  Hakim Murad traveled to USA and between the years 1992 to 1994 acquired a higher rank of plane pilot license through studies in 4 flight schools. In the USA he joined the group of the Egyptian sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman and took part in the planning of attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) in 02/26/1993 as a photographer before and throughout the attack. He succeeded to escape from USA back to Pakistan and Afghanistan where he joined again Ramzi Yousef.

In 1994 Abdul  Hakim Murad flew to the Philippines to help Ramzi Yousef in his support to the local terror group of   Abu Sayyef.

Abdul  Hakim Murad was arrested in Manila, Philippines, on 01/06/1995 in a rented apartment, while mixing fluid substances to produce a home-made explosive charge. At the same time the computer of Ramzi Yousef was confiscated with the record of target and planning of Bojinka Plot .

Interrogation unveiled the fact that Abdul  Hakim Murad was connected to Ramzi Yousef – wanted by the USA. The plan of Abdul  Hakim Murad and Ramzi Yousef was to assassinate the Pope on his visit to Manila 01/15/1995 and to blow, a few days later, 10 to 12 airplanes. Primary goal was to crash the airplanes on chosen targets in the USA, but as they considered this option as too difficult and too complicated – to explode the airplanes in mid-air in 48 hours in different sites in the world.

The plan was called Bojinka Plot  (meaning in Serbo-Croatian “big noise”)  a name of choice of Ramzi Yousefs’ after his stay in Bosnia during the Balkan war. The arrest of Abdul  Hakim Murad uncovered and prevented the action planned to occur around 01/22/1995. Abdul  Hakim Murad was extradited to USA on 04/12/1995.

In his interrogation Abdul  Hakim Murad unveiled that the contact between Ramzi Yousef, Khalid Shaik Mohammed  and Osama Bin Laden was conducted through bin Ladens’ brother in law Mohammed Jamal Khalifa.


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