Clement  Rodney Hampton is an American born in 1938 to Christian parents members of the Moorish Science Temple. He joined USA army in 1957. 

After his release from the army Clement  Rodney Hampton found a job in New Jersey hospital as a technician and worked there, with breaks, nearly 30 years. In 1967 Clement  Rodney Hampton converted to Islam.  In 1988 he went to fight in Afghanistan, through “Al Kifah” arrangements in Al Farook Mosque in Brooklyn. He served in Afghanistan as battlefield medic and got therefore the nick name Dr. Rashid. Clement  Rodney Hampton was wounded there.

In 07/1989 Clement  Rodney Hampton was filmed by FBI agents shooting weapons at the Calverton Shooting Range, on Long Island, New York. The group that included Mahmud Abuhalima, El Sayyid Nosair , Nidal Ayyad and Mohammed Salameh was secretly monitored as they shot AK-47 assault rifles and semiautomatic handguns.

There is also evidence that Clement  Rodney Hampton associated with the radical Islamic group – “Jamaat al-fukra” in Tucson, Texas. When the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman became the Imam of Al Farook Mosque in 1991 Clement  Rodney Hampton was one of his close assistants.

In the early 90ies Clement  Rodney Hampton developed business relations with Saudi Arabia and had constant relations with the Saudi embassy in Washington. There is also some evidence that he served as an informant for the Saudis.

Clement  Rodney Hampton traveled also several times to Europe and the Philippines in purpose to transfer money from wealthy Saudi donors to Bosnia and for different Muslim activities in USA. In one of his trips to the Philippines in 05/1993 he got acquainted with one of Al Qaeda financiers at that time – Mohammed Jamal Khalifa.

After the attack on WTC on 02/26/1993 the Al Farook Mosque was put under surveillance.  On 06/24/1993 FBI foiled a mega “ Day of Terror ” plot by arresting 5 members of Al Farook Mosque cell in a warehouse in New Jersey while mixing fertilizer and fuel oil for their bombsInvestigation revealed that Clement  Rodney Hampton was the buyer and supplier of the necessary materials and he was arrested the next day with the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

On 10/1995 Clement  Rodney Hampton was convicted for his part in the “ Day of Terror ” plot and sentenced to 35 years in jail. Clement  Rodney Hampton is today (02/2007) in Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


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