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Mamoun  Darkazanli was born in Aleppo, Syria, on 08/04/1958. He moved to Germany sometime in the 80ies and in the beginning of 1990 was already the owner of the “Darkazanli Exportp-Import Company” with international ties.


In 1993 a man was arrested in Africa with false money, forged passports and the Tel’ number of Mamoun  Darkazanli which made the authority in Germany wonder about his real businesses.

Between 1995 and 1998 Mamoun  Darkazanlis’ company received about 250.000$ from Twaik Group Deposits – a front company for the Saudi Intelligence.  

Mamoun  Darkazanlis’ Tel’ number was found again in the phone book of Wadih el Hage when he was questioned by the Kenyan Police in Nairobi on 08/23/1997. Since Wadih el Hage was connected to the attack on USA embassies in Kenya and Tanzania, on 08/07/1998, the CIA checked with the German authority his background. Later, in 1999, the CIA checked again the possibility to recruit Mamoun  Darkazanli as an informant in a Muslim group in Hamburg, later known as “ Hamburg Cell ”, because of his close ties with Mohamed Atta .

Mamoun  Darkazanli kept good relations with members of Hamburg Cell end even attended in Said Bahaji s’ marriage in Al Quds Mosque in Hamburg in 10/1999. In 01/2000 Mamoun  Darkazanli traveled to Spain to meet the head of Al Qaeda network in Spain, Imad Yarkas, and they continued to keep contact. At that time Imad Yarkas was already under police surveillance but that information was not shared with the CIA or the German Security services. Mamoun  Darkazanli also attended the Tarragona Meeting in Spain considered to be the last meeting to coordinate The 9/11 . After the attack Mamoun  Darkazanlis’ assets in USA were frozen.

On 04/23/2002 Spanish police arrested Mohammed Zouaydi, an Al Qaeda financier that helped to finance The 9/11 and met several times in Spain with Mamoun  Darkazanli before The 9/11. On 09/18/2003 the Spanish authority issued an arrest warrant against Mamoun  Darkazanli in Germany on charges that he is a member in a terror organization. He was arrested in Hamburg, Germany, only on 10/14/2004 when authorities suspected that Mamoun  Darkazanli is planning to flee Germany back to Syria.

Mamoun  Darkazanli fought his extradition to Spain in court. He was released on 07/18/2005 after the Supreme Court in Germany ruled that the new European arrest warrant violated German law. Mamoun  Darkazanli is today (02/2007) a free man in Germany, his company is under sanctions and he fears to be extradited if he will travel abroad.

* The USA TV network NBC aired, on Monday 07/26/2009 evening, the first chapter of a new TV series “The Wanted” aimed to push the issue of leaders and supporters of terrorist organizations and especially those linked to The 9/11, who are still free and lives openly around the world. The first chapter was focused on Mamoun  Darkazanli.

* According to the Vanity Fair magazine, on Monday 01/04/2010, in January’s edition of the magazine, the CIA sent in 2004 a team of private contractors from “Backwater” security firm to Germany in order to kill Mamoun  Darkazanli but the CIA decided, eventually, “not to pull the trigger”. Germany denied any knowledge about the alleged attempt.

* According to the German police and security services Mamoun  Darkazanli was also the leading Imam and “hate preacher” in the Taiba Mosque, the new name for the old Al Quds Mosque in Hamburg, closed on 08/09/2010.


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