Jose TRashorras, was born in 1976 in Avile’, Asturias province, north of Madrid, Spain. He is a Christian, married, and lives in Gijon, Asturias. Jose TRashorras was a former miner, a Guardia Civil confident and informant of Tedax,Spain’s Civil Guard Bomb Squad. At the same time, Jose TRashorras, was a local offender and a drug dealer in full cooperation with his brother in law Antonio Toro and his sister Carmen Toro.

Jose TRashorras also stole, on regular basis, dynamite from the quarries in the mountains north of Madrid, and sold them on the black market. One of Jose TRashorrass’ drug distributors and associates was the Moroccan Rafa Zouhier that connected him to some Morocans who wanted to by large amounts of dynamite. In 02/2004, about three weeks before the Madrid Trains Bombing, Jose TRashorras sold, to a group of 4 Moroccans, 110 kg of dynamite later used in the attack.

There is no evidence that Jose TRashorras knew about the purpose or the intention of his clients. Jose TRashorras was arrested on 03/18/2004 and sentenced for 10 years in jail for stealing and selling illegally explosives and drugs. His brother in law Antonio Toro was sentenced to 11 years.

Jose TRashorrass’ trial for his part in the Madrid Trains Bombing, along with his brother in law Antonio Toro, his sister Carmen Toro, Rafa Zouhier and other 25 defendants, began in Madrid on 02/15/2007. On 10/31/2007 Jamal Zougam was convicted and sentenced for life  imprisonment.

 Note –* The main concern of Tedax, Spain’s Civil Guard Bomb Squad, was to prevent ETA, the Basque Paramilitary Organization access to explosives. 


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