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* Jamal  Zougam was born in Tangier on 10/05/1973 and came to Spain as a boy. He lived in Madrid, Spain in Lavapies suburb. He met there in 1996 Imad Yarkas, that was preaching Jihad and tried to recruit Mujahidin to Afghanistan, and became one of his followers. 


Jamal  Zougam ran a phone shop called ‘Nuevo Siglo’ in his neighborhood. Later Jamal  Zougam used his qualification to assemble the phone cell detonation system in the Madrid Trains Bombing.

Between 1999 – 2001, Jamal  Zougam traveled several times to Oslo, Norway, to meet there Mullah Krekar, who was wanted in Jordan for the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM Plot. Mullah Krekar was the spiritual leader of Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq.

Information obtained from a wiretap revealed that Jamal  Zougam met with Mohamed Fizazi in 2000 and offered financial assistance to his Salafia Jihadia group. (see – Salafiya)

In 11/2001, after The 9/11 , Jamal  Zougams’ apartment in Madrid was searched by the Spanish police. The police found Imad Yarkas and Amer Azizis’ phone numbers and a video showing Chechen Mujahidin in training in Dagestan, near Chechnya.


In 07/2002 Jamal  Zougam visited Morocco and spent his time with the brothers Salahedin Benyaich and Abdelaziz Benyaich, , both become later wanted fugitives in Morocco for their part in the Casablanca Bombings  on 05/16/2003. On another visit in Tangier in 04/2003 Jamal  Zougam was also in touch with Robert Richard Pier, a Frenchman converted to Islam, a Jihad activist sentenced in Morocco to life in prison on 09/18/2003.

Jamal  Zougam masterminded the cell phone system to detonate all the bombs in the Madrid Trains Bombing on the morning of 03/11/2004 simultaneously at 07:30 am and placed one of the bombs himself in Atocha station. He was arrested two days after the attack on 03/13/2004 in Madrid.

Jamal  Zougams’ trial, with other 28 defendants, began in Madrid on 02/15/2007. On 10/31/2007 Jamal  Zougam was convicted and sentenced for life imprisonment.


Jamal  Zougam had strong ties with the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (CICM) and was incited to the idea of Jihad by Imad Yarkas.   It seems to be that Jamal  Zougam was instructed by Mullah Krekar – the spiritual the spiritual leader of Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Iraq.


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