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* Zacarias  Essabar was born in Essaouria, Morocco, on 04/13/1977. In 1997 Zacarias  Essabar arrived to Hamburg, Germany, to study Medical Technology. After learning German Zacarias  Essabar began his studies in 1998 and in that year he became acquainted with Ramzi Binalshibh and the Hamburg Cell members and became more religious.

In an unknown time in 1999 Zacarias  Essabar went for training to Afghanistan and among other things learned also how to make passport alterations.

In 2000 it is known that Zacarias  Essabar loaned 600$ to Ramzi Binalshibh and in 12/2000 went once again to Afghanistan to deliver encrypted message from Ramzi Binalshibh to Khalid Shaik Mohammed . Intelligence sources claim that the message indicated the date 09/11/2001 – The 9/11 .

In the beginning of 09/2001, days before The 9/11, Zacarias  Essabar moved to Afghanistan and since then disappeared. An international warrant was issued by the German authority a month after The 9/11 for his arrest. Zacarias  Essabar is still wanted and at large. (01/2007).

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Although Zacarias  Essabar possibly had  previous knowledge about The 9/11 there is nothing to suggest that he was destined to participate personally in the attck.


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