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  •  * Abdelmajid  Bouchar was born in Morocco in 1983.  He was one of the Islamic terrorists that placed a bomb in the Madrid Trains Bombing, on the morning of 03/11/2004. The police have also evidence that his apartment in Madrid served for an assembly line to put together the bombs used in the attack.

After few days, on 04/03/2004, the Spanish Police managed to track him down, with another 7 suspects in the bombing, in an apartment in Leganes , a Southern suburb of Madrid. Six of his associates to the terror cell in the apartment blew themselves up when the police closed in on them. Abdelmajid  Bouchar and another member of the cell, Mohammed Afalah , managed to escape the place and to flee the country.

After an international operation Abdelmajid  Bouchar was arrested in the train station of Sarajevo, Serbia, on 07/23/2005, with a false Iraqi passport under the name Midhat Salah. Abdelmajid  Bouchar was extradited to Spain on 09/26/2005.

Abdelmajid  Bouchars’ trial, with another 28 defendants, began in Madrid on 02/15/2007. On 10/31/2007 Abdelmajid  Bouchar was convicted and sentenced for 18 years  imprisonment.


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