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  •  *Mohammed  Afalah, the brother of Ibrahim Afalah – an associate of Khaled Abu-Basir, was born in Morocco in 1976 and lived in Spain few years. He along with Said Berraj were police informants in Madrid but managed to deceive their operators.  In the Madrid Trains Bombing , on 03/11/2004, Mohammed  Afalah was one of the terrorists that on the day of the attack placed one of the ten bombs detonated in the Madrid trains.

On 04/03/2004 he was in an apartment in Leganes, a Southern suburb of Madrid, along with other 7 terrorists that carried out the Madrid Trains Bombing. When the Spanish police closed in on the building Mohammed  Afalah and Abdelmajid Bouchar were, accidentally, outside the building and managed to escape the scene to Barcelona and later on from Spain. Kamal Ahbar confirmed in his testimony, in o5/2007, that he spent time with Mohammed  Afalah in Turkey after the Madrid Trains Bombing.

Somehow Mohammed  Afalah arrived to Iraq to fight the USA there and killed himself in a suicide attack in 05/2005.

On 06/15/2005 the Spanish police arrested in Barcelona 16 Islamic militants, the Barcelona net , led by Mohammed Larbi Ben Sellam and Samir Tahtah, in suspicions that they had links to Abu Musab al Zarqawi, the leader of Ansar al Islam in Iraq. Five of the detainees are suspected of directly helping Mohammed  Afalah and Mohamed Belhadj to flee from Spain.  

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