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*Basel  Ghalyoun was born in Syria in 1980. He came to Spain in the late 90ies for engineering studies.  Basel  Ghalyoun lived in Madrid in Lavapies suburb in the same flat with Mohannad Almallah Dabas and with the Moroccan Fouad el Morabit , one of the accused for the Madrid Trains Bombing . At that time Basel  Ghalyoun worked in a cell phone company.

Basel  Ghalyouns’ apartment served for the group meetings prior to the Madrid Trains Bombing . In Basel  Ghalyouns’ belongings the police found the phone number of Rabei Osman Ahmed , one of the defendants in the case. He had also frequent relations with Serhane Farkhet who blew himself up in Leganes on 04/03/2004.  Basel  Ghalyoun was arrested near Toledo on 03/25/2004.

The police suspected that Basel  Ghalyoun himself placed one of the bombs in the attack but the evidence was not established enough for court. However Basel  Ghalyoun was a key figure in planning the attack and recruiting some of the other participants in the plot.

Basel  Ghalyouns’ trial, with other 28 defendants, began in Madrid on 02/15/2007. On 10/31/2007 Basel  Ghalyoun was convicted and sentenced to 12 years in jail.


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