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* Abdelghani  Mzoudi was born in Marrakesh, Morocco, in 12/06/1972. In the early 90ies Abdelghani  Mzoudi arrived to Hamburg, Germany. From 1996 Abdelghani  Mzoudi had constant good relations with Mohamed Atta, the leader of The 9/11 attack. Abdelghani  Mzoudi was probably a member of Hamburg Cell from 1998.

 After Mohamed Atta moved to USA on June 06/2000, Abdelghani  Mzoudiand  and another member of Hamburg Cell, Mounir el Motassadeq, moved to his apartment in Marienstrasse with Ramzi Binalshibh .

After the arrest of Ramzi Binalshibhin Pakistan on 9/11/2002, Abdelghani  Mzoudi was arrested and was charged for transferring money and assisting The 9/11 .  The accusations were based on information from Ramzi Binalshibh s’ interrogation in Guantanamo and the USA authority refused to enable Ramzi Binalshibh to testify in the German court.

Since there was no other supportive evidence against Abdelghani  Mzoudi he was acquitted twice in Germany, once in 02/2004 and a second time after an appeal on 05/2005.

After the trial, on 06/26/2005, Abdelghani  Mzoudi was send back to his country Morocco where he lives to day (02/2007) as a free man.


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