* Turki al Muteiry was born in Saudi Arabia and was a devoted Al Qaeda operative. He lead the Khobar Hostages Crisis, in east Saudi Arabia on the gulf shore, on 05/29/2004, where 22 innocent civilians were killed.

Turki al Muteiry also participated in the kidnapping and assassination of Paul M. Johnson, on 06/18/2004. Turki al Muteiry was killed that same evening along with other 3 militants: his boss Abdul Aziz Muqrin, Faisal al-Dakheel and Ibrahim al-Dreihim, in Riyadh, after a hot pursuit by the Saudi security forces (see – June-2004 ).

Few days before the death of Turki al Muteiry, on the 06/13/2004, Al Qaeda posted a statement in the internet that Turki al Muteiry was the 20 hijacker of The 9/11 personally chosen  by Osama Bin Laden but for some reason he could not join the other hijackers.

After the death of Turki al Muteiry, on the 06/21/2004, in a 54 minutes martyr video broadcasted on the internet, Turki al Muteiry justified attacking the Western World.


 Summery :

There is nothing to prove the claim that Turki Bin Fuheid al Muteiry was really the 20’s hijacker and it is most likely that this claim is a part of a psychological warfare.


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