On O2/26/1993 two Islamic terrorists, Mahmud Abuhalima and Ramzi Yousef , parked their hired truck in the underground parking garage of the northern tower of The World Trade Center (WTC) , the “Twins”, in New York, USA. The truck was loaded with 800 kg of urea-nitrate fuel oil device and served as a car bomb.


 After activating the delayed detonator Mahmud Abuhalima and Ramzi Yousef left the area and the car exploded at 12:17 pm. Six people were killed and another 1052 wounded. The bomb opened a 30 meters wide hole through four sublevels of concrete and cut off the center’s main electric power for few hours but the original plan failed.

The original plan was to incline, by the explosion, the northern tower so that it will knock the southern tower and cause the collapse of the two towers together.

After the explosion, before taking off to Pakistan, Ramzi Yousef dictated on the phone an announcement addressed for the media to one of the activists in Al Farook Mosque , Brooklyn, New York, which said, among other things, “…next time we shall be more precise”.

The investigation revealed that details of the intention to carry out such an attack were in the videotapes and chests of papers in Arabic confiscated from El Sayyid Nosair’s apartment after the murder of Rabbi Meir Kahane in 11/05/1999 and were ignored by the authorities.

The attack was planned and carried out by members of Al Farook Mosque cell. Some of them, like Mahmud Abuhalima and Mohammed Salameh that hired the truck for the attack, were shortly investigated by the police after Rabbi Meir Kahane’s murder in 11/05/1999.

Other members of the Al Farook Mosque cell like Nidal Ayyad and Eyad Ismail helped to assemble the car, under the supervision of two experts – Ramzi Yousef that came especially from abroad and Abdul Rahman Yassin . All the offenders were incited and encouraged by the Imam of Al Farook Mosque – the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel Rahman.

All but Abdul Rahman Yassin were convicted sooner or later in their parts in the crime and sentenced to life in prison in USA.

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