Eyad Ismail was born in 1971 in Jordan. Little is known about Eyad  Ismail but that he lived in Jersey City, New Jersey, from the late 80th up to his escape back to Jordan, immediately after the attack on the World Trade Center (WTC) on 02/26/1993.  

 Eyad  Ismail was a member in the Al Farook Mosque cell and helped to assemble the car bomb that was used in the WTC attack on 02/26/1993. Therefore Eyad  Ismail had a prior knowledge about this attack. 

In 08/1995 Eyad  Ismail was extradited from Jordan to USA. Eyad  Ismail was convicted on 04/03/1998 with Ramzi Yousef for his role in the 02/26/1993 attack and sentenced to 240 years in jail.

Eyad  Ismail is today (02/2007) in Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado.


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