Jamal Jaafar  Mohamed is an Iraqi Shiite parliament member, related to Bader Organization”, elected in 01/15/2006 as a representative of Babil Province.


 The “Bader Organization” has a military wing called “Bader Corps” militia organized and trained by the Revolutionary Guard in Iran. Jamal Jaafar  Mohamed .was involved in the 1983 bombings of USA and French embassies in Kuwait that caused the death of five men and was sentenced to death in absentia in 1984 in Kuwait.

Western intelligence agencies also accuse Jamal Jaafar  Mohamed of involvement in the hijacking of a Kuwaiti airliner in 1984 and the attempted assassination of a Kuwaiti prince.

As an Iraqi parliament member Jamal Jaafar  Mohamed enjoys full immunity and it causes tension between USA, Kuwait and Iraq. Iraqi P.M. Nuri Al Maliki is completely depended on the Shiaa ruling coalition in the parliament. 


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