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 Walled al Shehri was born in the middle 70s’ in Asir Province, a poor region in South Western Saudi Arabia near the Yemen border.

In the beginning of 2000 Walled al Shehri went with his older brother

Wail Al Shehri to Afghanistan and they got military training in Al Qaedas’ Al Farouq camp. With them in the camp were Ahmed al-Nami and Saeed al-Ghamdi who became later muscle hijackers in flight 93 team on The 9/11. Somewhere in spring 2000 all four pledged themselves to Jihad. 

The two brothers Waleed al Shehri and Wail al Shehri served in the security force in Kandahar airport, in south east Afghanistan, before coming back to Saudi Arabia on 10/2000.

After Waleed al Shehri and Wail al Shehri got visas to USA they traveled once again to Afghanistan, that time through Iran, so their passports will not be stamped, probably escorted by a Hezbollah operator.


After training and briefings in Afghanistan and in a safe house in Karachi, Pakistan, the brothers Waleed al Shehri and Wail al Shehri arrived on April 2001 to USA.


According to the top operative Ramzi Binalshibh , Waleed al Shehri carried with him a message from Osama Bin Laden to his team leader Mohamed Atta to concentrate on the White House in Washington rather then the US Congress.

Waleed al Shehri and Wail al Shehri spent most of the time in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and were seen frequently with Satam al-Suqami, a muscle hijacker from their team.

Waleed al Shehri and Wail al Shehri flew to Spain on 07/15/2001 and participated in Tarragona Meeting. The day after, on 07/16/2001, immediately after the meeting, they flew back to USA.

On 09/05/2001 Waleed al Shehri and Wail al Shehri came to Boston and boarded flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles the morning of The 9/11 .

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