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Satam al Suqami was born in Riyadh the capital of Saudi Arabia in 06/28/1976. Satam al Suqami   studied law in the local King Saud University where he met Majed Moqed, later a muscle hijacker in flight 77 team.

In summer of 1999 Satam al Suqami  went with a friend Majed Moqed, later a member of flight 11 team on The 9/11 , for training in Khalden camp near Kabul, Afghanistan.  At that the time Satam al Suqami,  probably was recruited to al-Qaeda and to The 9/11 operation.

On 11/2000 the two friends Satam al Suqami and Majed Moqed flew into Iran from Bahrain. Probably Satam al Suqami and Majed Moqed went on to Afghanistan since it was the usual way to travel Afghanistan so the passports will not be stamped.


On 04/23/2001 Satam al Suqami arrived in USA and spent since then most of his time with the brothers Waleed al-Shehri and Wail al-Shehri in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.


Although his visa to USA expired in 05/21/2001 Satam al Suqami managed to open a local bank account in 07/03/2001. The lasts days before The 9/11 Satam al Suqami was in Boston, probably with Ahmed al-Ghamdi , a muscle hijacker in flight 175 team.

 Satam al Suqami boarded flight 11 from Boston to Los Angeles using a Saudi Arabian passpor. Before the flight Satam al Suqamis’ bags were selected to undergo extra screening for explosives. Nothing was found. 


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