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 Mohamed  Atta a member of the Hamburg Cell and Commander of The 9/11 attack on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001. Born in Egypt 01/09/1968 in al Shaikh village. Probably with family relation to Marwan al-S hehi. Mahamed Atta studied architecture in the Technological Institute of Hamburg till 11/1999, using a passport issued by the United Emirates.

While in Germany he drew closer to Islam and joined refugees of the Muslims Brotherhood. Under their and others influence he adopted radical Islamic viewpoint. In 1995 Mohammed Atta ccomplished his Hajj to Mecca.

In 1998, in the al Quds mosque in Hamburg, later known as Taiba Mosque, Mohammed Atta met Ramzi Binalshibh and Said Bahaji  who became also his flat mates in the spacious apartment they hired. One room in the flat was designated for religious practices as well as discussions on the Middle East crisis, the war in Iraq in 1991 and the Oslo Agreement between Israel and the Palestinians in 1993. In time this group became the Hamburg Cell.
In November 1999 Mohammed Atta wanted to volunteer in the war in Chechnya and was sent through his middle man to train in Afghanistan. Mohammed Atta traveled to Afghanistan where we went through extensive training in Tarnak camp, in Kandahar region. He met with Osama Bin Laden, was recruited to al-Qaeda and The 9/11 operation, and returned to Germany at the start of 2000. Since then Mohammed Atta was under partial surveillance of the CIA.
While in Germany Mohammed Atta started to search through the internet for flight schools in USA, contacting some 30 of them.

·      Since the beginning of 2000 Mohammed Atta was financed, in big measure, by the Pakistani Omar Saeed Sheikh ,  who spent time in an Indian prison and was released in a deal after the hijacking of the Indian Flight 814 Airliners. on 12/25/1999. Omar Saeed Sheikh hijacked the American-Jewish journalist Daniel Pearl on 01/23/2002 and killed him later.

      The Indian Intelligence provide hard evidence that with the help of Pakistani Military Intelligence ( ISI )  chief  Lt’ Gen’ Mahmud Ahmad, Omar Saeed Sheikh wired 100.000$ to Mohammed Atta some time before June 2000 (see – Aftab Ansari ).
·      Mohammed Atta traveled to USA in June 2000 and got entry visa under, a probably, falsified Afphgan passport. On arrival he started to train in plane flight in Delray Beach, Florida.
·      There is evidence of Mohammed Atta meeting a representative of Iraqi intelligence in Prague, Czech Republic, in 1999. No evidence as to the meetings’ connection to The 9/11.
·      Mohammed Atta traveled several times in 2000 and 2001 to Spain where he was in contact with some suspects who later were involved in the Madrid Trains Bombing attack on 03/11/2004.
·      One day prior to The 9/11 – on 09/10/2001 Mohammed Atta met in Florida with one of the hijacking crew under his command – Abdulaziz al-Omari . Mohammed Atta wrote the instruction handbook for a suicide bomber found later in his abandoned car in the  Portland airport. This handbook gave instructions for physical and mental purification before suicidal action.
·      Mohammed Atta was the suicidal pilot of flight 11 of American Airlines which took off from Boston to Los Angeles at 07:45 and crashed into the northern tower of the Twins at 08:45.
·      London Sunday Times published on 10/01/2006 pictures and details of a video tape left by Mohammed Atta. The video was recorded, probably in an open air area in Afghanistan, 01/18/2000, in the presence of Osama Bin Laden, showing Mohammed Atta, Ziad Jarrah and their Hamburg Cell partner Ramzi Binalshibh talking together.
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