* Ziad  Jarrah Born in Mazraa, Lebanon, 05/11/1975, to a wealthy Sunnite family with business and bank links with Germany. In contrast to Ziad  Jarrahs’ religion he was educated in a Catholic school in Beirut – La Sagesse. Since his youth was interested in flying planes.

In the spring of 1996 he moved to Germany with his uncle Salim Jarrah. There Ziad  Jarrah started a preparatory course of the German language in the University of Greifswald, north Germany.

Ziad  Jarrah led a liberal western-style life including visits to disco’s and clubs. At that period of time he got into a close relationship with a Turkish émigré – Aysel Sengun – who later became his wife. On 04/01/1999 Ziad  Jarrah married Aysel in a private service keeping it a secret from his family for some time.

In 1997 Ziad  Jarrah started Aerospace studies in Hamburg, working, at the same time, at a paint workshop for Volkswagen. He kept close contact with his family in Lebanon. Ziad  Jarrah was seldom seen in company of the Hamburg Cell members and it is not clear how contact with him was established. There is just one evidence of socializing with Hamburg Cell members in the wedding party of Said Bahaji , in the Al Quds mosque in October 1999.

A month later, end of November 1999, Ziad  Jarrah traveled in the company of Marwan al-Shehi and Mohamed Atta to the training camps of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan.

When Ziad  Jarrah returned to Germany in February of 2000 he reported loss of his passport, as his friends did, and was issued a new Lebanese passport with the intent, probably, to cover up his trip to Afghanistan.

Ziad  Jarrah left his studies in Germany and arrived in USA on 06/27/2000, where he enrolled in a flight school in Florida. He did not cohabit with activists or other Muslims but with a German student who also took part in flight lessons. Several times during this period Ziad  Jarrah flew to Germany to visit his wife and to Lebanon for family occasions. When Ziad  Jarrah returned from his last visit in Lebanon he was interrogated by emigration authorities (probably instigated by the CIA ).

In June 2001 Ziad  Jarrah moved out of his apartment in Dania Beach, Florida, and moved to live with one of the future hijackers in his team Ahmed al-Haznawi , in a flat in Port Lauderdale, Florida, Lauderdale–by–the-Sea. Ziad  Jarrah paid a last visit to his wife in 07/2001, in Germany, and possibly, according to some information, arrived in Spain for a final briefing.

On 09/07/2001 Ziad  Jarrah and the hijacking team of United Airlines flight 93 arrived in Newark from Port Lauderdale. In one of his phone calls Ziad  Jarrah talked about a family meeting on 09/22/2001. One day before The 9/11 attack Ziad  Jarrah wrote a farewell letter to his wife Aysal. In the morning of The 09/11 Ziad  Jarrah boarded the flight 93 from Newark.

Summary ; 

Ziad  Jarrah was an exception in the hijackers group as he did not spend much time with them, he was married and kept in close contact with his family. Mohamed Atta saw in Ziad  Jarrah the feeble link. The life and death of Ziad  Jarrah remained an enigma.


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