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Majed Moqed  was born in a small village Annakhil, near Medina Saudi Arabia, in the end of the seventies and learned in the King Fahed University in Medina. 

 In summer 1999 Majed  Moqed went with a friend Satam al-Suqami for training in Khalden camp near Kabul, Afghanistan. At that the time Majed  Moqed probably was recruited to al-Qaeda and to The 9/11 operation.

 After a time in Saudi Arabia Majed  Moqed arrived USA on 05/02/2001 and spent his time with Hani Hanjour, the pilot of flight 77 and with Ahmed al-Ghamdi later a hijacker on 9/11 flight 175. On 08/02/2001 Majed  Moqed asked for a state identity card in USA. 

 Hani Hanjour and Majed  Moqed purchased tickets in New Jersey in the end of August 2001. On 09/02/2001  Hani Hanjour and Majed  Moqed checked in Valencia hotel, Maryland.  

 In the morning of 9/11 before boarding flight 77 Majed  Moqed set off the metal detector at the airport and was screened with a hand-wand. He passed the cursory inspection, and was able board his flight at 7:50.

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