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 * Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman was born in Egypt on 05/03/1938. He became blind in young age because of a disease. With time Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman became a lecturer in the Al-Azhar Islamic University of Cairo. One of his  prominent students, in 1973,  was Dr’ Abdullah Azzam. After Egypt signed a Peace treaty with Israel in 11/1978 an Islamic opposition group, that revoked any recognition of Israel, EGYPTIAN Jamaa Islamiya, emerged in Egypt.  The blind Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman became the spiritual leader of that group. 
In 1980 Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman issued a Fatwah (an Islamic religious statement) that justified the assassination of Egyptian leaders that betrayed the Islam by recognizing Israel.
After the assassination of the Egyptian President Anwar Saadat by Khalid El-Islambouli, in a military parade on 10/06/1981, Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman was arrested for inciting the assassination but was released in 1983 because lack of evidence to prove a link between his Fatwah to the killing of Anwar Saadat.  
Immediately after his release Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman moved to Afghanistan to encourage the Mujahidin against the Soviets and to help in the war. Because of his contribution to the war he got, with full support of the CIA, a tourist visa to USA in 05/1990. After Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman arrived to USA he asked for political asylum claiming that he is persecuted in Egypt because  of his religious belief.  Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman s’ request was denied in 02/1992 and since then he fought the decision in court. 
When Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman came to USA his first assistant and driver was El Sayyid Nosair from Al Farook Mosque in Brooklyn and the murderer of Rabbi Meir Kahana on 11/05/1990. Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman lived in New Jersey and traveled very intensively al over USA preaching Jihad against the West, USA and the Jews. His influence grew every day and so did the number of followers.  
Very soon Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman became the admired Imam of Al Farook Mosque. His opponent in the Mosque, the founder of “Al Kifah ” charity association and the man that controlled large amounts of money, Mustafa Shalabi , was mysteriously murdered on 02/25/1993. The murder took place a day before the WTC bombing on 02/26/1993 was carried out by the followers of  Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman in the Al Farook Mosque.
The FBI suspected that Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman used his connection in Afghanistan to recruit Ramzi Yousef and others for the mission and to incite and coordinate the WTC attack. Therefore the FBI operated Emad Salem, already a member of the Mosque, to spy after the Al Farook Mosque cell. During 3 months Emad Salem filmed and recorded members of Al Farook Mosque plotting a mega terror attack in New York aimed to paralyze the city (what was later called the “ Day of Terror ” plot )  under the supervision of the Mosques’ Imam the blind Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman, 
On 06/24/1993 Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman and his followers were arrested. He was convicted in 10/1995 for his part in the WTC bombing on 02/26/1993 and the “Day of Terror” plot. Sheikh Omar-Abdel Rahman was sentenced to life in prison without parole and is today (02/2007) in Supermax prison in Florence, Colorado. One of his lawyers, Lynne Stewart, was herself put on trial, in 2005, for providing support to terror.
* Fox News, on Wednesday 09/19/2012, said it has obtained intelligence documents suggesting the US Embassy protest in Cairo, on 09/11/2012, allegedly to protest against an Anti-Islamic footage “Innocence Of Muslims, was an effort to demand the release of the 1993 World Trade Center bomber the blind Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman (see – Premeditated Coincidence ). 
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