* Amer  Azizi was born in Morocco in 1968. He fought in the breeding ground for the Global Jihad, Afghanistan in the late 80s’ and in Bosnia in 1996. Amer  Azizi lived for years in Spain.

It is known to intelligence sources that in 10/2000 Amer  Azizi with Said Berraj  met in Istanbul, Turkey, 3 people identified later as Lahcen Ikassrien,  Mohamad Haddad and Salahedin Benyaich – known as Al Qaeda operatives. Amer Azizi and his associates were detained, on 10/10/2000, by the Turkish police but released after a short while without charges.

On the 07/16/2001 Amer  Azizi with Imad Yarkas helped to organize and attended in the Tarragona Meeting in Spain. In this meeting participated some of the most dangerous terrorists that later carried out The 9/11 with others, that had connections to the Madrid Trains Bombing on 03/11/2004.

After The 9/11 the Spanish police issued an arrest warrant for Amer  Azizi but he managed to flee Spain, probably to Iran.  In middle 2002, in Turkey, Amer  Azizi met Serhane Farkhet and established regular phone connections with him and with the Egyptian Rabei Osman Ahmed .

In Early 2003 Amer  Azizi came back to Spain and even sold his car legally under his real name.

A second arrest warrant was issued against Amer  Azizi on 09/18/2003 but he, once again, escaped arrest and disappeared. His location today (02/2007) is unknown.

after the Madrid Trains Bombing Amer  Azizi s’ phone number was found in Jamal Zougam s’ apartment and in the ruins of Leganes . Amer  Azizi is still wanted in Spain and USA for his ties to The 9/11 and the Madrid Trains Bombing.

Summary ;  

* The direct role of Amer  Azizi is not clear. He was, probably, a type of a liaison officer between the different Islamic terror groups operating in Europe such as the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (CICM), the Ansar al Islam in Iraq and his leader Abu Musab al Zarqawi and Al Qaeda.

* The student card of Raquel Burgos Garcia, 34, a Spanish convert and the wife of Amer  Azizi, was found, eventually, during Waziristan-Offensive in the village of Sherwangi, one of the Teherik-e-Taleban strongholds in FATA region, where there are strong links between Taliban leaders and the “core” Al Qaeda, the Pakistani army reported on 10/29/2009.


Raquel Burgos Garcia is not believed to have taken direct part in any terror activities but has been used as a courier. She is thought to be the holder of a number of other passports. The Pakistani army also found in the same village the Passport of Said Bahaji.


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