* Jamal  Ahmidan was born in 10/28/1970 in Morocco. He ran in Madrid a drug traffic network (Ahmidan s’ drug gang). Jamal  Ahmidan led a permissive way of life with luxury cars and call girls always around him.

Jamal  Ahmidan, through his crime connection with Rafa Zouhier in Asturias province, north of Madrid, managed to purchase explosives from another offender Jose Trashorras in 02/2004. These explosives were used in Madrid Trains Bombing on the morning of 03/11/2004.

The car driven by Jamal  Ahmidan, with the stolen 110 kg dynamite, was stopped by the police in 02/2004 for a routine check. Since the car was not stolen and the explosives well hidden in the car, the police released the car.

Spanish police said Jamal  Ahmidan rented a farmhouse east of Madrid in Morata de Tajuna, where police believe the bombs used March 11 were made (see testimony of Kamal Ahbar).  The Spanish police also believe that he placed one of the bombs in that attack since his fingerprints were found in an abounded car with trace of explosives outside the Alcala de Henares  railway station. All the trains involved in the Madrid Trains Bombing passed through Alcala de Henares station. 

In the evening of 04/03/2004, when the Spanish police closed on his hiding place in the Madrid s’ suburb of Leganes, Jamal  Ahmidan, with other four terror fugitives, blew himself up shouting “Allah ho Akbar” ( God is the greatest ).

His brother Hamid Ahmidan was accused of helping Jamal  Ahmidan to carry out the Madrid Trains Bombing and his trial, with other 28 defendants, began in Madrid on 02/15/2007 .  

Summary ; 

It is an enigma what turned Jamal  Ahmidan, a permissive drug dealer, to a devoted Mujahidin who blew himself up shouting “Allah ho Akbar”.


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