Serhane  Farkhet alias “The Tunisian“, was born in Tunisia in 1969 to a middle class family. In 1994 he moved to Madrid, Spain, and began his studies on a Spanish scholarship. In Spain Serhane  Farkhet faced social difficulties to integrate in the western Spanish society and, gradually, turned to Islam. In 1999 Serhane  Farkhet even confessed to one of his teachers in Madrid University of having a “personal crisis” . 

 Among other activities Serhane  Farkhet became also the treasurer of the main mosque in Madrid.  After the invasion to Iraq in 03/2003 Serhane  Farkhet became a prominent criticizer of the war and turned to extremism.  

 From 03/2003 Serhane  Farkhet tightened his connections with Islamic cells in Europe and especially with an Islamic anti-Semitic cell in Dusseldorf, Germany. That Dusseldorf Cell called itself Al-Tawhid and was a part of Abu Musab al Zarqawi s’ network in Europe. (Abu Musab al Zarqawi was the leader of Ansar al Islam in Iraq). At that time Serhane  Farkhet began to think about repayment to Spain for her partnership with the USA in the invasion to Iraq.  

 Serhane  Farkhet left his apartment in Madrid on 03/08/2004. Three days later he was one of the terrorists that placed a bomb in the morning of 03/11/2004, the Madrid Trains Bombing.   

 In the evening of 04/03/2004, when the Spanish police closed on his hiding place in the Madrid s’ suburb of Leganes, Serhane  Farkhet, with other four terror fugitives, blew himself up.  After the explosion the police searched the rubble and found a videotape. On the video Serhane  Farkhet, on behalf of “The Brigades of al-Mufti and Ansar Al Qaeda” demanded that “Spanish troops pull out immediately from the land of the Muslims”. He linked Iraq and Afghanistan to the 15th century expulsion of Muslims from Spain – Al Andalus. Serhane  Farkhet demanded “blood for blood!” and “destruction for destruction!” 

 Summary ; 

 The Spanish police is almost certain that Serhane ben Abdelmajid Farkhet was the ringleader of the Madrid Trains Bombing s’ operation and that he, with Rabei Osman Ahmed in Italy, initiated and plotted the Madrid Trains Bombing.  

 It is most likely that Serhane  Farkhet was motivated by his frustration of the Spanish role in the Iraq War.

 ** “Al-Tawhid’ (the Unitarians) is a radical Islamic ideology that there is a unification between Mohamed the prophet and God. Therefore the say of Mohamed are not an interpretation of Gods’ words but the very direct words of God himself. 

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