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 * Khalid al Mihdhar, also known as Sannan al-Makki, was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia on 05/16/1975. He is the brother in law of Ahmed al-Darbi. In 1995 Khalid al Mihdhar went with Nawaf al-Hazmi, another 77 team member, to Bosnia to fight there for Islam. Since then they were together and did the same route to  The 9/11 except in one case.

 Immediately after Khalid al Mihdhar attended the Kuala Lumpur Convention, in 01/2000, he travelled to San Diego, USA, where he came under the sponsorship and had a close relationship with Anwar al-Awlaki, who served as his spiritual adviser. 

In June of 2000 Khalid al Mihdhar returned to Yemen against the wishes of Al Qaeda, who wanted him to remain in the United States and help Nawaf al-Hazmi adapt. 

Khalid Shaik Mohammed was angered by this and decided to remove Khalid al Mihdhar from The 9/11 plot, but he was overruled by Osama Bin Laden . After the attack on USS Cole in Aden harbor, Yemen, on 10/12/2000, Yemeni authorities suspected that Khalid al Mihdhar  had been one of the key planners of the attack, and had been in the country shortly before the time of the attack. Anyhow Khalid al Mihdhar returned to USA by the end of 2000 without arousing any special attention. 

On The 9/11 Khalid al Mihdhar, using papers provided by Mohamed el-Atrisswas in the team that hijacked flight 77.

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