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* Ahmed al Haznawi was born in Saudi Arabia in 10/11/1980 in al-Baha, an isolated mountainous region on the southern coast of the red sea, a son of a local Imam. Ahmed al Haznawis’ family had tribal connection with the al-Gahmdi tribe. Three members of al-Gahmdi took part in The 9/11 plot.

In 1999 Ahmed al Haznawi announced to his family that he is going to fight in Chechnya against the will of his family. The next time the family of Ahmed al Haznawi heard from him was in the end of 2000 when he was in Afghanistan.  Ahmed al Haznawi came back to Saudi Arabia in 11/27/2000 for the month of Ramadan.

Some time on 03/2001, in Afghanistan, Ahmed al Haznawi was filmed on a martyr videotape that was broadcasted in Al-Jazeera T.V Network , on 04/16/2002.

Before leaving to USA Ahmed al Haznawi purchased travelers’ cheques in the UAE,  presumed to have been paid by a elusive figure Mustafa al-Hawsawi.

Ahmed al Haznawi arrived to USA 06/08/2001 and supposedly lived with his team leader Ziad Jarrah in Lauderdale By Sea, Florida.  On 07/10/2001 Ahmed al Haznawi obtained a Florida drivers’ license.

On 09/07/2001 all 4 members of flight 93 team flew from Fort Lauderdale to Newark and on the morning of The 9/11, before boarding flight 93, Ahmed al Haznawi was selected for additional screening but was allowed to board the flight.


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