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>* Ahmed Al Nami was born 12/13/1977 in Saudi Arabia. On 1999 Ahmed Al Nami  enroled the King Khaled University in Abha to study Muslim religion ( Sharia).

In the beginning of 2000 Ahmed Al Nami left home to the Hajj in Mecca but never came back home. Instead he went to Al Farouq Al Qaedas’ training camp in Afghanistan.

On 10/28/2000 Ahmed Al Nami asked for a visa to USA. In the forms he described himself as a student that intended to visit Los Angeles.

Because of an unknown reason a friend of Ahmed Al Nami  from Al Farook camp, Mushabib Al Hamlan, who asked with Ahmed Al Nami for a visa to USA, changed his mind and returned to his family in Jeddah. Mushabib Al Hamlan therefore is one of the suspected to be the 20’s hijacker.

Ahmed Al Nami traveled once again in the beginning of 2001 to Afghanistan, that time through Iran, so his passport will not be stamped, probably escorted by a Hezbullah operator. Some time on 03/2001, in Afghanistan, Ahmed Al Nami like his friend Ahmed al-Haznawi was filmed on a martyr videotape that was broadcasted in Al Jazeera network on 04/16/2002.

Although Ahmed Al Nami had a visa to USA he reported to Saudi Arabia authority in Jeddah that he lost his passport and got a new one without any indication of his visit to Afghanistan. Ahmed Al Nami asked once again for a visa and his second application was approved on the 04/23/2001.

Before leaving to USA Ahmed Al Nami purchased travelers’ cheques in the UAE (United Arab Emirates), presumed to have been paid by an elusive figure Mustafa al-Hawsawi .

Ahmed Al Nami arrived to USA from Dubai on 05/28/2001 with fellow muscle hijackers Mohand al-Shehri and Hamza al-Ghamdi from the flight 175 team.

In the USA Ahmed Al Nami lived in an apartment in Delray Beach, Florida, with Saeed al-Ghamdi, another member of his team, the flight 93 team.


On 09/07/2001 all 4 members of the flight 93 team flew from Fort Lauderdale to Newark. Ahmed Al Nami boarded without any problem on flight 93 on morning of The 9/11 .


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