MADRID TRIAL – 02.15.2007


In Madrid, the capital of Spain, the trial of 29 defendants accused of plotting and executing the Madrid Trains Bombing was opened on 02.15.2007.

A. The 7 Principal suspects


1. Jamal Zougam, was arrested in Madrid on 03/13/2004.

2. Abdelmajid Bouchar, was arrested in Serbia on 07/23/2005.

3. Basel Ghalyoun,  terrorists recruiter, arrested in Spain on 04/01/2004.

4. Rabei Osman Ahmed, arrested in Milan, Italy on 06/06/2004.

5. Youssef Belhadj, arrested in Belgium on 02/01/2005.

6. Hasan El Haski, was detained in the Canary Islands on 12/11/2004.

7. Jose Trashorras, charged of supplying the explosives for the attack.


The other 22 defendants were accused of assisting directly the Madrid Trains Bombing, as members of a terror or crime organizations, without the full knowledge about the intention and the future operation. They are:

B. The Muslim support group ;


1. Fouad el Morabit , born 1973, Morocco

2. Almallah Dabas, born 1964, Syria.

3. Larbi Ben Sellam, born 1977, Morocco.

4. Rafa Zouhier, born 1979, Morocco.


C. The drug gang (Ahmidan s’ drug gang)

5. Otman el Ghanoui, born 1975, Morocco

6. Hamid Ahmidan, born 1977, Morocco the brother of Jamal Ahmidan.

7. Abdelilah el Fadoual Akil, born 1969, Morocco

8. Mohamed Bouharrat, born 1979, Morocco

9. Rachid Aglif, born 1979, Morocco

10. Mahmoud Slimane Aoun, born 1960, Lebanon

11. Nasreddine Bousbaa, born 1969, Algeria

12. Saed el Harrak was born in Morocco in 1973 and a Moroccan Citizen. He is a friend of Abdennabi Kounjaa.


D. Others ;


13. B. Moussaten, born 1983, Morocco, nephew of Youssef Belhadj

14. M. Moussaten, born 1984, Morocco, nephew of Youssef Belhadj


E. The Jose Trashorras s’ crime gang of local Christian Spaniards ;


15. Antonio Toro, born 1977, the brother in law of Jose Trashorras.

16. Carmen Toro, born 1981,the wife of Antonio Toro and the sister of Jose Trashorras

17. Javier Gonzalez Diaz, born 1952,  was arrested on 06/2004, and was released on bail.

18. Emiliano Liano Alvarez, born 1960, was arrested on 06/09/2004.

19. Raul Gonzalez Pelaez, born 1979, was arrested on 06/12/2004. He is living in Piedralonga in Asturias province.

20. Sergio Alvarez Sanchez, born 1979, was arrested on 06/14/2004, and was released on bail.

21. Ivan Granados Pena, born 1979,  was arrested on 06/2004, and was released on bail.

22. Antonio Ivan Reis, born 1982.


All were charged for holding and transporting explosives illegally.


 Epilogue ;

* On 10/31/2007 the Spanish court handed over the verdict, the charges against B. Moussaten were already dropped on 06/06/2007.  Rabei Osman Ahmed, along side 6 more defendants, was acquitted from all charges. unconditionally

* Jamal Zougam, Jose Trashorras and Otman el Ghanoui were found guilty on all charges and sentenced to life imprisonment – which means practically 40 years in jail.

* Rafa Zouhier, Abdelmajid Bouchar, Youssef Belhadj, Hasan El Haski and Hamid Ahmidan were found guilty for material support to commit terror attack and sentenced to 10-18 years in jail.

* All other defendants were convicted on lesser charges of fraud, money laundering, transportation of explosives and etc… they were sentenced up to 6 years in jail.


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