Allekema  Lamari was born in Algiers on 07/10/1965. He fled to Spain in the 90s’ through France when the authority in Algiers managed to overcome the Islamic terror there.  In 1997 he was arrested in Valencia, Spain and sentenced in Spain to 14 years in jail for belonging to the extreme Algerian Islamic terror group, the “Armed Islamic Group” (GIA), and other crimes in Spain.

Allekema  Lamari s’ sentence was reduced and he was released from jail in 06/2002. In jail Allekema  Lamari got the title “Al Amir” similar to the English title “Sir” which is reflecting his influence and seniority in his social circle.

In 12/2003 Allekema  Lamari was put on a special surveillance list by the Spanish security service because of his background and his fanatic behavior. The Spanish police believe that Allekema  Lamari was one of the terrorists that placed bombs in Madrid Trains Bombing attack on the morning of 03/11/2004.

In the evening of 04/03/2004, when the Spanish police closed on his hiding place in the Madrid s’ suburb of Leganes, Allekema  Lamari, with other four terrorists, blew himself up.


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