On 02/20/2002 the Italian Police in Rome arrested a group of 11 suspects, most of them from Moroccan descent, on suspicion that they planed to infuse Cyanide poison to the water system of the USA embassy in Rome through an underground tunnel.
After the police searched the apartments of the detainees they found maps, falsified documents and annotations that founded the suspicions.  The police also found powder, potassium ferro-cyanide, that can be used also to manufacture Cyanide poison.
The police in Rome also revealed on 02/24/2002 a combination of underground communications , sewage and drainage tunnels that the suspects dug into and could enable them to implement their plan.

All suspects were acquitted from all charges related to Islamic terror on 04/28/2004. The court determined that the potassium ferro-cyanide powder was used, primeraly, to forge documents.




It is most likely that the suspects were looking for different ways to harm USA interest in Italy but they were not organized, did not have the knowledge, the skills and the ability to carry on their plot. The arrest of Italian police was premature and therefore did not result with conviction in court related to Islamic terror.


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