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* Abderrazak Mahdjoub was born in Algeria in 1973 and lived in Hamburg, Germany since 1991. He is married to a German woman and has children.

 Abderrazak  Mahdjoub was put under German security surveillance in May 2002 because of his connections with Cabdullah Ciise, a 29-year-old Somali-born that was arrested in Milan days after arriving from London, and connection to other suspects. The German security revealed that Abderrazak  Mahdjoub traveled a lot in East and West Europe and was linked to Islamic militants, most of them activists in Ansar al Islam network in Spain, UK, Poland, Italy and other countries in Europe. 

Abderrazak  Mahdjoub was arrested in Syria on 03/19/2003 and extradited to Germany in 04/2003,  after his two brothers Samir Mahdjoub and Farid Mahdjoub were arrested in Bilbao, Spain for laundering drug money to finance terror. Farid was released after a short while without any charges (see – AQ-Logistic ).

Abderrazak  Mahdjoub was rearrested on 11/27/2003 in connection with the Milan 03 Cell   He was extradited to Italy on 03/18/2004 to face the charges against him. Abderrazak  Mahdjoub was acquitted in Milan from the charges against him on 09/16/2006 and was expelled to Algeria afterwards.

Summary ;

Abderrazak  Mahdjoub was, probably, a key coordinator and money courier for Ansar al Islam in Europe that connected between the recruitment cells in Europe and the money laundering system to finance the dispatch of more than 200 volunteers to the Iraq War. There is no evidence to connect him to terror plots inside Europe. According to the law in most of European countries volunteering to a war in another country against a foreign occupant power there, without the intention to hurt innocent civilians, cannot be defined as terror.

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