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Mohammad Sidique  Khan, a U.K citizen, was born in UK on 10/20/1974 in Leeds to a family of Pakistani descent.

He grew up in Beeston then his family moved to Dewsbury , about 30 km South of Leeds, where his family was acquainted  with Haroon Rashid Aswat s’ family. He learned in South Leeds High School. This school, 12 years later, was attended also by Hasib Mir Hussain – another London 7/7  bomber.

In 2001 Mohammad Sidique  Khan married with Hasina Patel, from Indian Muslim origin that he met in Leeds Metropolitan University as a student of social work. Their daughter Mariam was born in 04/2004. He attended regularly the Stratford Mosque in Leeds.

Mohammad Sidique  Khan worked in Dewsbury Primary School with the children of immigrant families, who had just arrived in Britain, as “learning mentor” from 2002.  He was known as very devoted to his job and did not talk about religion.  Mohammad Sidique  Khan used to travel to his relatives in Pakistan regularly.

Mohammad Sidique  Khan volunteered also, outside his official job, to work with deprived youth in Leeds in Hamara Youth Access Point (HYAP) – an Islamic charity, partly funded by the UK government (a drop-in center for teens in Leeds). In HYAP Mohammad Sidique  Khan got acquinted with Shehzad Tanweer and Hasib Mir Hussain that later committed with him the London 7/7 attack. Mohammad  Sidique Khan and Shehzad Tanweer were also regular worshippers at the adjoining Tablighi-Jamaat Mosque. It is assumed that he used the meetings in HYAP to recruit them to his own terror cell and to carry on, with him, the attack.  During the investigation of The Fertilizer 04 Plotin 03/2004, the name of Mohammad Sidique  Khan was mentioned several times but in such a context that did not arise special suspicions in MI5 at that time.

Mohammad Sidique  Khan and Shehzad Tanweer visited together Pakistan, for the last time, on 11/19/2004 and came back together to UK on 02/08/2005. In Pakistan Mohammad Sidique  Khan and Shehzad Tanweer established contact with Haroon Rashid Aswat, a former neighbor of Mohammad Sidique  Khan s’ family from Dewsbury, South of Leeds. It is not clear how Mohammad Sidique  Khan and Shehzad Tanweer spend 3 month in Pakistan. But, according to Zeeshan Siddiqui’s own diary, confiscated by the Pakistani police, in 05/2005, he went through paramilitary training in North-West Pakistan.

Sometime in mid 04/2005 a MI5 surveillance team monitoring Omar Khyam filmed and taped meeting between Omar Khyam, described as the top Al Qaeda figure in UK, Mohammad  Sidique Khan, Shehzad Tanweer and Waheed Ali, a member of the alleged Leeds Cell, in the streets of East London discussing plans to fight alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan. Later, on another occasion in late 04/2005, the surveillance teem followed Omar Khyam meeting with the Canadian citizen from Pakistani descent Mohammed Momin Khawaja.


On the morning of 07/07/2005 Mohammad Sidique  Khan, with his three friends, drove a car from Leeds to Luton, 30km north of London, and took the train from Luton to King’s Cross station in London. Mohammad Sidique  Khan detonated his explosives on 09:17 near Edgware Road station.

On 09/01/2005 Al Jajeera Arabian TV network in Qatar broadcasted the martyr videotape of Mohammad Sidique  Khan alongside another tape with Ayman Al Zawahiri, the acting leader of Al Qaeda, leaving the impression that the attack was sponsored by Al Qaeda. It is most likely, according to the background and light, that the footage was taken at the same time and place as Shehzad Tanweers’ martyr videotape that was broadcasted in Al Jajeera later on 06/06/2006.


Summary ; 


* It is unclear what made the moderate Muslim, married with a young daughter, with a job he liked and normal life without any special known problems to a Radical Islamic terrorist and a terror cell ringleader, who said in his martyr videotape     “Your democratically elected governments continuously perpetuate atrocities against my people all over the world”.

There is no proof that Mohammad Sidique  Khan was connected or operated on behalf of Al Qaeda. In his martyr videotape he did not refer to Al Qaeda in any way. He probably acted on his own.

*  On Wednesday 05/09/2007 the British Police arrested Hasina Patel, Mohammad Sidique  Khans’ widow, her brother Arshad Patel, 30, and two more suspects in connection with the London 7/7 attack. Hasina Patel, 29 and her brother Arshad Patel were released without charge on 05/14/2007 evening (see – London 05.09.07 ).


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