Mohamed  Majid, from Kurdish descent, was born in Iraq in 1970. He was a member in the Milan 03 Cell and Ansar al Islam. His title “Mullah” means that he was regarded as a Muslim preacher. Mohamed  Majid’s role was to be the “gatekeeper”, to brief the Muslim volunteers from Europe before leaving to Syria on their way to Iraq and to coordinate their arrival to Syria.  Mohamed  Majid was under surveillance from the beginning of the Iraq war in 03/2003, in coordination with the Syrian security services, since he traveled very often to Syria. On his duty he was in constant contact with Abderrazak Mahdjoub the ring leader of the Cell and with Cabdullah Ciise.

Mohamed  Majid managed to escape to Syria from Italy on 11/25/2003, two days before an arrest warrant was issued against him in Milan. He was arrested in Syria in 2004, was extradited to Italy in 04/2004 and put in jail in the same cell with Cabdullah Ciise.

All the conversations and boasting in the cell were taped and recorded. The tapes revealed the role of Mohamed  Majid and Cabdullah Ciise in facilitating the two UK citizen suicide bombers, Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif who were to carry out an attack on  Mikes Place on 04/30/2003 in Tel Aviv, Israel.  Mohamed  Majid and Cabdullah Ciise  also aided those who carried out the missile attack on Rashid Hotel in Baghdad, Iraq on 10/26/2003.

On 09/16/2006 Mohamed  Majid was sentenced to 10 years, along with Housni Jamal, to 7 years for “criminal association with the aim of international terrorism”


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