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Mohammed Junaid Babar, an American citizen, was born in Pakistan in 1975. In 1977 his family moved to Queens, New York, USA. Mohammed J.  Babar attended a military Academy in Long Island, New York and graduated in 1994 as a Second Lieutenant.

After his graduation as a reserve officer Mohammed J.  Babar registered to pharmaceutical studies in the private Roman Catholic St. John’s University in New York but later dropped out.

Mohammed J.  Babar began to adopt a radical view of Islam in early 1991, when USA prepared for the first war in Iraq and through the war. Mohammed J.  Babar was, at that time, employed in a number of unskilled jobs. He began to socialize with other radical young Muslims. He attended regularly the Islamic Center of Queens also known as Masjid al-Fatima, where he also got acquainted with Syed Fahad Hashmi. During that period of time, among other things, he joined a radical Islamic group based in UK Al-Muhajiroun, led by the cleric Omar Bakri Muhammad and Anjem Choudary.

A week after The 9/11 Mohammed J.  Babar left USA on 9/18/2001 to Afghanistan to fight USA led invasion there. After Afghanistan fell into the hands of USA coalition Mohammed J.  Babar moved, at the end of 2001, to North West Pakistan, to the tribal FATA area of Waziristan, an Al Qaeda stronghold.

In Waziristan, Pakistan, Mohammed J.  Babar operated as a coordinator and material supplier and all the time kept contacts with his friends in Al-Muhajiroun in UK supplying them with knowledge how to transfer fertilizers into explosive material.

In early 03/2004 Mohammed J.  Babar attended a meeting in Waziristan with Adnan El Shukrijumah, one of the most wanted Al Qaeda operatives, Abu Esa al-Hindi and other senior operatives of Al Qaeda. He also claimed, later in his investigation, that he met on 2003, briefly, Mohammad Sidique Khan in Pakistan but this detail was not conformed.

On 03/30/2004 Mohammed J.  Babar was arrested in New York when he returned from Pakistan. He immediately cooperated with the FBI, revealed the Fertilizer 04 Plot in London and exposed the offenders of the Plot that were arrested at once. On 07/02/2004 Mohammed J.  Babar pled guilty on all severe charges against him.

In 03/2006 Mohammed J.  Babar gave testimony in London, under heavy security, against the members of the Fertilizer 04 Plot. His inside information about Al Qaeda was unique and invaluable. Today (05/2007) Mohammed J.  Babar s’ verdict is held back as long as he cooperates with the Authorities. It is known that in early 2007 he was again in UK for 17 days of testimonies and investigations. His location is unknown.

Summary ; 

* Mohammed J.  Babar had the motivation to be an informant for the USA authority since his mother was a 9/11 survivor. (Mohammed J.  Babar s’ mother worked on the 9th floor of the World Trade Center).

* There are signs that information from Pakistan, to which Mohammed J.  Babar had access, helped to foil not only the Fertilizer 04 Plot and the Luton Cell but also other Al Qaeda activities in 2003 and 2004.

* There is no clear reason why Mohammed J.  Babar returned to USA shortly after the important meeting which he attended in Waziristan, in 03/2004, a few days earlier although he knew that he would be arrested on arrival.

It is most likely that Mohammed Junaid Babar was, indeed, an USA informant.

** In exchange of what American prosecutors in Manhattan described as “substantial” and “extraordinary” cooperation with the FBI Mohammed Junaid Babar his sentence was reduced, on Friday 12/10/2010. He was released on bail, on Tuesday 02/15/2011, and subjected to 10 years of supervision and a $500 payment to the court. Mohammed Junaid Babar remained defiant and supportive to the killing of Americans overseas, including civilians in Muslim countries ‘occupied’ by the USA.

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