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>Luton  cell was an Islamic terror cell ran and directed by Abu Esa al-Hindi. The cell operated in the population of Pakistani descent mainly in Lutons’ area, a town about 30 km North of London. The cell operated in late 2003 until the police swooped on Luton cell on 08/03/2004.

On 07/13/2004 ISI arrested in Pakistan a computer engineer and Al Qaeda operative Naeem Noor Khan that was in charge of the connection between Pakistan and Al Qaeda cells in UK. In his computer the investigators found details of the

Luton cell and its ringleader, Abu Esa al-HindiNaeem Noor Khan agreed to cooperate with ISI and his investigators and continued to operate as a communication center in order to expose as much as possible of Al Qaeda operating network in the world.

On 08/02/2005 Naeem Noor Khan ‘s name and the story of his arrest filtered through to the USA press and was published all over the world. The publication compelled the British police and MI5 to swoop on Abu Esa al-Hindi in Willesden, London and his Luton cell members far earlier than it was planned – on 08/03/2004. That premature arrest disrupted an investigation about possible connections between Luton cell and Mohammad Sidique Khan, later the ringleader of the London 7/7 attack.

The members of the Luton cell were plotting multiple, coordinated, simultaneous bomb attacks on selected targets in New York, USA and in London UK. Luton cell planned to pack limousines with propane gas cylinders and drive them into underground car parks beneath financial targets, including the headquarters of the International Monetary Fund, New York Stock Exchange in Manhattan, the Tube in London and the Heathrow Express. The same targets were also found on Naeem Noor Khan ‘s computer.  The Luton cell also planned the construction of a low-tech form of ‘dirty bomb’ that, while unlikely to kill anyone, would cause widespread panic. They also planned various chemical bombs containing TNT and sulphur-acid bombs. The group was collecting a large number of smoke detectors in order to dismantle radioactive material, a part in every smoke detector, Americium 241, for their so called ‘dirty bomb’.

Luton cell was also connected, somehow, through Omar Al-Timimi and Junade Feroze, one of Luton cell Activists, with Islamic militants in Holland.

Seven Luton cell activists were arrested alongside a local arm dealer Matthew Monks, 32, of Sudbury, London. He was held with Luton cell activists on 3 August, appeared at the Belmarsh court charged with possession of a prohibited weapon, and was released on bail.

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