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Dhiren Barot (also known as Billal or Abu  Esa al-Britani -from Britain) a British citizen known mainly asAbu  Esa al-Hindi, was born in Kenya to a family from INDIAN descent and Hinduist belief. In 1973 his family fled from Kenya to Willesden, North London, U.K.

Abu  Esa al-Hindi attended Kingsbury high school in North London and worked on a regular basis from 1991-1995 as an airline ticket and reservations agent for Air Malta. At that time in 1992 Dhiren Barot converted to Islam and got his nickname Abu  Esa al-Hindi (al-Hindi means the INDIAN). It is unclear how Abu  Esa al-Hindi supported himself at other times. 

After living work Abu  Esa al-Hindi traveled in 09/1995 to Pakistan to join the Islamic Mujahidin in Kashmir in their fight against INDIAN Army. In 1998 Abu  Esa al-Hindi, already a known devoted trusted Islamic activist, joined Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and helped, as a contractor, to build Al Qaeda s’ training camps in North East Afghanistan.

In 1998 Yemen Authority suspected that Abu  Esa al-Hindi was involved that year in the hostage taking, kidnapping and assassination of 4 Westerners: 3 from Britain and one from Australia, in North Yemen, alongside with Abu Hamza al-Masri and issued an international arrest warrant against him.

In 1999 Abu  Esa al-Hindi published a book called “The Army of Madinah in Kashmir” about his experience in Kashmir.

On 01/03/2000 Abu Esa al-Hindi, probably as an Al Qaeda representative, traveled to Malaysia with Tawfiq bin Attash , a former bodyguard of Osama Bin Laden, to attend Kuala Lumpur Convention with some of the people that become later key figures in the Global Jihad and Islamist terror. Among the participants were: Riduan Isamuddin – nickname Hambali, Yazid Sufaat, Ramzi Binalshibh and two of The 9/11 offenders Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar and others. The convention, as well as most of the participants, was under supervision of the local security service and the CIA.

After the convention Osama Bin Laden personally ordered Khalid Shaik Mohammed to dispatch Abu  Esa al-Hindi to the US to ‘pinpoint potential economic and “Jewish” targets in New York’. Indeed Abu  Esa al-Hindi made two reconnaissance trips to the United States in August 2000 and March 2001 to look for possible targets, although there is no proof that he had a prior knowledge on The 9/11. He pretended to be a student based in New Jersey.

Already under surveillance Abu  Esa al-Hindi returned to UK but continued to travel all over the world and specially to Pakistan. In his attempt to coordinate a mega plot simultaneously in UK and USA he attend a coordination meeting in  03/2004 in Waziristan, Pakistan. In the meeting attended also Mohammed J. Babar, Adnan El Shukrijumah, one of the most wanted Al Qaeda operatives and other senior operatives of Al Qaeda. That plot was foiled after the arrest of Mohammed J. Babar in New York on 03/30/2004.

On 07/13/2004 ISI arrested in Pakistan a computer engineer and Al Qaeda operative Naeem Noor Khan that was in charge of the connection between Pakistan and Al Qaeda cells in UK. In his computer the investigators found details of the Luton Cell and its’ ringleader – Abu  Esa al-Hindi. Naeem Noor Khan agreed to cooperate with ISI and his investigators and continued to operate as a communication s’ center in order to expose as much as possible from Al Qaeda operating network in the world.

On 08/02/2005 Naeem Noor Khan ‘s name and the story of his arrest filtered through to the US press and was published all over the world. The publication compelled the British police and MI5 to swoop on Abu  Esa al-Hindi in Willesden, London and his Luton Cell members far earlier that they planned – on 08/03/2004. In the computer of Abu  Esa al-Hindi MI5 found evidence to connection with the Palestinian El-Akzah Martyrs Brigade, recipes for construction of a low-tech form of nuclear ‘dirty bomb’ or various chemical bombs containing TNT and Sulphur-acid.

Abu  Esa al-Hindi was charged for an attempt to plot a multiple coordinated, simultaneous bomb attacks on selected targets in New York, USA and in London, UK. He pleaded guilty in 06/2006 to conspiring to commit mass murder on both sides of the Atlantic.

“You have chosen to use your life to bring death and destruction to the Western World,” said Judge Neil Butterfield as he sentenced Abu  Esa al-Hindi, on 11/07/2006, to life imprisonment.

Summary ;

* Abu  Esa al-Hindi was, no doubt, one of the most active and dangerous terrorist who ever acted in UK.

* According to MI5 manager Eliza Manningham-Buller, there were now more than 1,600 individuals in Britain who share Barot’s (Abu  Esa al-Hindi) murderous obsession and were active in at least 30 plots.

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