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Al Muhajiroun – means, if simply translated, the emigrants. In Arabic it means not just a simple change in residency from one country to another country but a general shifting of all the surrounding culture and religion and is, traditionally, one of the means to spread Islam all over the world through emigration. Al Muhajiroun has a missionary meaning. 

Al Muhajiroun organization was established by Omar Bakri Muhammad, a Muslim cleric, in Mecca, Saudi Arabia in 1983. Because of the extreme Islamic philosophy that Al Muhajiroun preached the organization was banned in 1986 and Omar Bakri Muhammad was forced to leave the country.

Omar Bakri Muhammad arrived to UK on 01/14/1986 and immediately founded Al Muhajiroun ‘s British branch as part of a local Islamic Party: Hizb-ut-Tahrir (the Liberation Party – in Arabic). Only in 1996, after disagreements on policy, style and methods with Hizb-ut-Tahrir, Omar Bakri Muhammad, with other Islamic militant leaders in UK – Anjem Choudary and Abu Qatada, declared Al Muhajiroun as an independent Islamic political movement

The Al Muhajiroun openly declared their manifesto to transform, finally, UK to a Muslim Caliphate and called upon British Muslims to join the Global Jihad in Chechnya, the Balkans and against the Jews in Israel.

After the Second Palestinian Intifada (uprising) breached out in 10/2000 Al Muhajiroun called to broaden the fight against the Jews to UK and to kill them because of their support of Israel. No wonder that some of Al Muhajiroun supporters became suicide bombers like the two UK citizen Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif  that carried out in Tel Aviv, Israel, a suicide attack on Mikes Place on 04/30/2003.

In March 2001 Britain’s National Union of Students (NUS) banned Al Muhajiroun after they received complaints from Muslim and non-Muslim students about the group distributing hate literature and the organization training members in militant camps. A spokesman for NUS said that if Al Muhajiroun did not support violence against Jews then they should change their “highly militant and definitely not peaceful” literature.

On 10/30/2001, activist related to Al Muhajiroun in Pakistan, Hassan Butt, said that aside Aftab Manzoor, 25, and Afzal Munir, 23, from Luton who were killed in Afghanistan in the ranks of Al Qaeda, Two more Britons were believed dead after travelling to Afghanistan to fight for Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. One of them was identified as thee recruit, Abdullah, 21, from  Ilford, Essex, and  Yasir Khan, 27, from Crawley. They left the U.K about 10 days earlier and were killed when a mosque where they were praying was bombed.

On 10/13/2004 Al Muhajiroun was disbanded in UK but it is believed that many of Al Muhajiroun s’ supporters found their way to other similar groups, like Al Ghurabaa’, led by Abu Izzadeen or under a new name – The Savior Sect.

* Anjem Choudary’s new organization – Islam4UK, actually a continuation of Al Muhajiroun, was banned too by the British authorities, on Tuesday 01/12/2010 (see – Luton 01.11.10).

Omar Bakri Muhammad, the exiled leader of Al Muhajiroun responded in Lebanon and said that his followers were looking forward to regrouping under a different name. ”Tomorrow we can call ourselves whatever we think is suitable for us,” he said.

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