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Abu-Qatada – real name Omar Mahmoud Mohammed Othman, was born in 1960 in Bethlehem in todays West Bank of the Palestinian Authority and before 1967 a part of Jordan.

In 1989 in Afghanistan Abu-Qatada met other future Islamic activists like the JORDANIAN Abu Musab al Zarqawi, Osama Bin Laden and other leaders of Al Qaeda.

In 1991, after the first Gulf War against Iraq in Kuwait, he was expelled, as many other Palestinians, from Kuwait to JORDAN. In 1993 Abu-Qatada left Jordan and arrived to UK, with his wife and five children, through UAE using a forged passport. Despite the use of forged documents Abu-Qatada was allowed to stay in UK in June 1994 after claiming asylum for himself and his family. Abu-Qatada became a leading member of the Islamic group based in UK Al-Muhajiroun led by the militant clerics Omar Bakri Muhammad and Anjem Choudary.  

Already In 1992 Abu-Qatada formed, with friends from Afghanistan, Abu Muhammad al-Maqdisi, Abu Anas al-Shami and Abu Musab al Zarqawi, a spiritual group in Zarqa s’ Mosque in Jordan, Biat al-Imam, that turned very soon to an Islamic terror cell. The cell planned attacks against the JORDANIAN regime scheduled to the end of the millennium. The JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM attack was foiled and Abu-Qatada was sentenced, in absentia, to 15 years in jail.

After The 9/11 German police found in Hamburg in an apartment that was used by members of Hamburg Cell tapes of Abu-Qatada s’ preaching. The Palestinian-JORDANIAN Abu  Qatada has always publicly distanced himself from claims of links to Al Qaeda and insisted he has never met its leader, Osama Bin Laden.  

In 02/2002 Abu  Qatada was questioned by anti-terrorism police in UK over alleged connections to a German Hamburg Cell, Zacarias Moussaoui and Richard Reid that revealed in their investigations that Abu  Qatada gave them “religious advice”. The police also found on this occasion in Abu  Qatada s’ possession a sum of £170,000 cash, including £805 in an envelope labeled “For the Mujahidin in Chechnya” but no charges were brought up.

After Abu Zubaydah was captured in Faisalabad, Southeast Pakistan on 03/28/2002 he confirmed in his interrogation in Guantanamo that Abu  Qatada was his representative in Europe and a senior Al Qaeda operative.

Abu  Qatada was arrested in 09/2002 under the new terror act from 12/2001 (see – ABC-Group ). He was released on bail under strict restrictions on 03/11/2005. After UK has signed a memorandum with JORDAN, which ministers say will ensure that any deported terrorism suspects will not face torture or ill-treatment on return, Abu  Qatada was rearrested on 08/2005 pending extradition to Jordan.


Abu  Qatada has been found guilty in JORDAN of terrorism offences in his absence and was fighting his extradition in court.  Abu  Qatada is wanted on terrorism charges in Algeria, USA, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany and Italy because of his connections and spiritual guidance to groups like Moroccan Islamic Combat Group ( CICM ) , Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat- ( GSPC ) in Algeria or the Armed Islamic Group ( GIA ).

Epilogue ; 

* On the late evening of Tuesday 05/08/2007 al-Jazeera news channel in Gaza has received a tape purportedly from the kidnappers of the BBC’s Gaza correspondent Alan Johnston. The tape was made by a group calling itself Jaish-e-al-Islam (Army of Islam) and includes a demand to release Islamic militants jailed in UK and specialy the release of a Palestinian born Islamic cleric Abu  Qatada, now in administrative preventive jail in UK.

* On Thursday 02/19/2009 The Law Lords have ruled that radical cleric Abu  Qatada can be deported from the UK to Jordan where he faces jail for terrorism. 

* On Tuesday 01/17/2012, Abu  Qatada won his appeal against deportation from the UK to Jordan to face terror charges, at the European Court of Human Rights on the ground that he could face torture and already sentenced in absentia in Jordan to life imprisonment based on evidences obtained also by torture (see also – JUDICIAL TANGLE).

* Abu  Qatada has been granted bail, on Monday 02/06/2012, despite being considered a serious risk to national security. The decision – handed down at the Special Immigration Appeals Commission – stipulated that Abu  Qatada will be subject to strict bail conditions when he is released from Long Lartin in Worcestershire, a high-security prison.

* Abu-Qatada was re-arrested, on 04/17/2012 morning, after Theresa May, the Home Secretary, concluded sufficient assurances had been obtained from Jordan to ensure his removal. But the Home Secretary admitted it could still be “many months” before he is removed as he will be able to appeal against the latest attempt to kick him out. Abu-Qatada won his appeal, on Monday 11/12/2012, and was released on bail the next day back to his home.

*  Abu-Qatada was, eventually, deported back to Jordan, on 07/07/2013,  after a special treaty  was reached between Jordan and UK in which Jordan assured UK and the European Union  – EU to retry Abu  Qatada  and not to sentence him to death whatever the outcome of the trial will be. The treaty, in addition, was reconfirmed as a special ad hoc law by the Jordanian Parliament.

** Abu-Qatada was acquitted of terrorism offences by a court in Jordan, on 06/25/2014. A panel of civilian judges sitting at the State Security Court in Amman cleared him of conspiracy to carry out terrorist acts. UK’s Home Office said Abu-Qatada would not be able to return to Britain.
In the Al Qaeda’s online Magazine in English “ Inspire”, on 10/27/2015, Abu Qatada  claims Islam will rise up to ‘dominate every land’ and destroy the ‘state of the Jews’. He  also condemned ‘filthy’ Shia Muslims – aligning some of his ideology with arch enemies the Islamic State.

Summary ; 

Abu  Qatada was, probably, the most dangerous Al Qaeda operative in Europe as he was the link and, probably, the coordinator between all militant Islamic groups in Europe. 



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