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Mike’s  Place is a Club Bar on the promenade of Tel Aviv, Israel, not far from the heavily guarded USA embassy.  On the evening of Wednesday 04/30/2003 two suicide bombers attempted to attack Mike’s  Place. One of them – Asif Mohammed Hanif drew the attention of the security guard outside Mike’s  Place club and they prevented his entrance to the club and began to question him. In response Asif Mohammed Hanif blew himself up outside Mike’s  Place club and killed other three people.

The explosion focused immediately the Police and Guards of the nearby USA embassy to secure the area.  The second suicide bomber – Omar Khan Sharif panicked and ran away while citizens tried to catch him. Omar Khan Sharif s’ body was found on 05/19/2003 on the shore of Jaffa, about three km south to Mike’s  Place. It seems to be that Omar Khan Sharif tried to trigger his explosive belt but the belt was only partially activated. Omar Khan Sharif was, probably, wounded from the explosion and died a few hours later.

Hamas and Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades have claimed joint responsibility for the attack.

Summary ; 

The Mike’s  Place attack was a unique example of cooperation of deferent Islamic organizations related to Global Jihad. The suicide bombers were British Muslim citizens from Pakistani descent and sympathizers of Al-Muhajiroun in U.K.

Ansar al Islam network in Europe and Milan 03 Cell in Italy arranged the voyage of Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif to Syria and made the necessary connection with Hamas headquarter in Syria. In Syria the two terrorists were briefed by Imad al-Alamy, the chief operations officer of Hamas. 

Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif entered Israel via Allenby Bridge on 04/12/2003. They visited as British tourists in several places in the Palestinian West Bank and in Israel and went to Gaza on 04/24/2003.

In Gaza Omar Khan Sharif and Asif Mohammed Hanif were supplied by local Hamas operatives with explosives hidden in books. They returned to Israel on 04/29/2003 and rent a room in a Tel Aviv hotel not far from their target – Mike’s  Place club. It is unclear how they managed to bypass the security measures in Erez Pass from Gaza and succeeded to smuggle the explosives to Israel. The explosive was a high quality plastic explosive hard to detect.  

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