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Militants from an organization called “Fatah Al-Islam” attacked, on 05/21/2007 morning, a Lebanese military position near the Nahr al-Bared refugee camp after police raided, on 05/20/2007, an apartment, occupied by militants, in Tripoli. The armed militants resisted arrest and a gun battle ensued.

During the first two days of fighting 23 Lebanese soldiers and 19 of the “Fatah Al-Islam” militants were killed in the clashes. One of the militants killed was Youssef al-Hajj Dib, 22, wanted by German for the German Train Plot on 07/31/2006. He was no’ four in “Fatah Al-Islam” hierarchy. The battle was over only after 105 days, on 09/01/2007 ( See – LEBANON WON )

After the interrogation of senior “Fatah Al-Islam” activists, that were captured in Nahr al-Bared, Lebanese investigators have concluded that “Fatah Al-Islam”  killed the anti Syrian Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel, a Christian Lebanese, on 11/21/2006.

**  “Fatah Al-Islam” is a new organization in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp founded a year ago and is led by Shaker al-Abssi , 50, that boasted several times in the local media of supporting Al Qaeda and the Global Jihad.

In Syria Shaker al-Abssi  was kept in custody until late 2005 when he was released. Shortly after his release Shaker al-Abssi  appeared in Nahr al-Bared and founded the “Fatah Al-Islam”. Shaker al-Abssi managed to escape Nahr al-Bared in the last stage of the battle, in 09/2007, and his location is unknown.

** Number 2 in the organization and the spokesman, Shihab al-Kadur, known as Abu Hureira, spent also five years in Syrian jail before joining “Fatah al Islam” in Lebanon. Shihab al-Kadur Was killed by Lebanese army on 08/05/2007

** Lebanese authority suspects that Shaker al-Abssi was deliberately send by Syrian intelligence to undermine the stability of LEBANON in case that Lebanon will ask the UN to appoint an international court and judge Rafik Hariri s’ assassin suspects, which LEBANON did last week.

** All the suspects are pro Syrian employees in the Lebanese Security services and senior Syrian intelligence officers from Syria, including the brother of President Bashar Assad – Maher Assad.

** Rafik Hariri was a former prime minister of LEBANON and an ally to France and the West. He was assassinated in a huge truck bomb explosion in Beirut on 02/14/2005. Other 22 passers-by were killed in this explosion. On Wednesday 05/30/2007 UN Security Council approved the establishment of an International court to judge Rafik Hariri’s assassins. The decision is a major political embarrassment for Syria.

** Palestinian refugee camps in Lebanon practice an exterritorial autonomy.

** The total number of “Fatah Al Islam” members in custody on 07/08/2007 reaches 28 – 17 Lebanese nationals, 6 Syrians, 4 Saudis and only one Palestinian.

** The Lebanese Defense Minister Elias Murr said on Tuesday 09/04/2007 that 202 militants from the “Fatah Al Islam” group were captured since fighting erupted in May.

Lebanese troops killed at least 222 Islamist militants in three months of fighting, 160 soldiers died and at least 42 civilians. Minister Elias Murr added that “an undetermined number” of “Fatah Al Islam” members were buried in mass graves in the camp by their comrades.  According to this numbers 424 people were killed in the battle in Nahr al-Bared.

*** About 40,000 inhabitants fled Nahr al-Bared and have nothing but rubbles to return to.

** There was no political demand to investigate the, so called, atrocities, civilian massacres and genocide of Palestinians conducted by the Lebanese Army. The Arab League, the European Union or the UN did not convene even once to discuss the humanitarian crisis as was the case in Jenin refugees camp when Israel fought the Palestinians in 04/2002.

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