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In early 03/2007 two North African radical Islamic groups: the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat-(G.S.P.C) and the Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (C.I.C.M) ) announced through the internet that they associated, with other smaller groups, to one organization with the name“MAGHREB Al-Qaeda”. Some commentators foresaw, therefore, a new wave of Islamic terror attacks in the Maghrab countries like Morocco and Algiers.

Indeed, “MAGHREB Al-Qaeda” took responsibility on the events that occurred in Morocco from 03/11/2007 when the police foiled a multi-suicide attack in Casablanca. (see – militants killed in Casablanca ) .

A man named Abu Musab Abdul-Wadud, known as one of the leaders of the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat- (G.S.P.C), claimed now to be the leader of “MAGHREB Al-Qaeda”, took on Thursday 05/10/2007 in Al-Jazeera TV responsibility on ALGERIA Explosions attack on 04/11/2007.

* Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – (G.S.P.C) (see – Salafiya ). The group emerged from the Islamic defeat in the Algerian civil war in the years 1992-1998. It is a faction from the Armed Islamic Group (GIA) – the main Islamic organization that led the war against the military regime in Algeria. The leader of that group Hassan Hattab opposed the policy of slaughter of civilians in small remote villages that was typical to the last stage of the civil war in Algeria. Hassan Hattab was replaced in 2003 by the more extreme leader Nabil Sahrawi.  Most of G.S.P.C followers reject the amnesty of 1999 and fled the country, mainly to Europe, where they cause a major concern to Europe’s security services. G.S.P.C declared its intention to attack Algerian, French and USA targets.   

* Moroccan Islamic Combat Group – (C.I.C.M). The group was established in 1984 as a faction of an earlier group the “Shabiba Islamya” that preached violence in order to protect the values of Islam in Morocco.  Abdelilah Ziyad, who joined the group in 1993, gave the group the direction and consolidation to be an efficient terror group when many veterans of the war in Afghanistan against the Soviets joined C.I.C.M in order to carry on with the Global Jihad. C.I.C.M is dedicated to the creation of an Islamist state in Morocco. It is clear that the group has also international ambitions. In October 2005, the group was designated as a Foreign Terrorist Organization by the USA State Department. Today (05/2007) it is not clear if the organization has a chain of command. It seems to be that former activists from C.I.C.M, on the base of their former contacts and relation, are still initiating, sporadically, Islamic radical activities in Europe.  

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