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In 12/12/1999 the JORDANIAN security forces arrested a group of about 20 Islamic militants in Jordan. The group was suspected of planning, in the new millennium eve, a series of attacks on Christian places, tourist sites and American and Israeli targets in Jordan.

The cell was exposed when Jordanian Intelligence intercepted a call from Abu Zubaydah to an Islamic activist, Raed Hijazi, on 11/30/1999.

The investigation revealed an international Islamic terror network operated under the supervision of Al Qaeda.  Among the suspects arrested were:  Raed Hijazi, the go-between who connected the Jordanian militants through a friend; Khalil Deek, an American citizen and an associate of Abu Zubaydah, who lived in Peshawar, Pakistan.  After the arrests of Khader Abu Hoshar and 15 others, the Jordanians tracked Khalil Deek to Peshawar, persuaded Pakistan to extradite him, and added him to their catch. Police searches in Amman found, in a rented house, among other things, 71 containers of acids, several forged Saudi passports, detonators, and terror manual written by Khalil Deek. All together, it added up to 2400 kg of nitric and sulfuric acid. If mixed properly it is enough to blow up an entire neighborhood.

Among the arrested in Amman, Jordan, was also Hussein Turi from Algerian descent, that revealed in his investigation the link to Al Qaeda, to Montreal 99 cell in Canada and the broader international Millennium Plot. His investigation led to the arrest of Ahmed Ressam on 12/21/1999 when he tried to enter USA from Canada and to the foiling of the  LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot.    

Jordanian authority charged 28 people on their part in the JORDANIAN  MILLENNIUM plot, eight of them in absentia. Six of the defendants were sentenced to death on 06/16/2004 among them, in absentia, a Palestinian leader in Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in Lebanon, Munir Maqdah who was accused of supplying weapons to the group and Abu Musab al Zarqawi.  

Some of the cell members managed to escape from Jordan and were tried in absentia became later key figures in the Global Jihad like Abu Musab al Zarqawi, Mullah Krekar, Abu Qatada and Loai al-Saqa

Summary ; 

The JORDANIAN  MILLENNIUM plot was a part of a large scale international Millennium Plot that was planned to be executed within one week prior to the 2000 year eve and the first day of the millennium in Yemen ( see – YEMEN MILLENNIUM ), Los Angeles, USA, Jordan and India. The hijacking of Indian Airlines Flight 814 on 12/25/1999 in a flight from Napal to India was the only part of the plan that was eventually executed.   


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