On Wednesday, 05/30/2007, the ISRAELI security service – Shin.Bet arrested in Erez Pass from Gaza strip to Israel two women; Fatma Yonas Hasan Zak. 39, a mother of eight and pregnant and her niece, Roda Ibrahim Yonas Habib, 30, a mother of four, on suspicion that the two were on their way to carry out a simultaneous double suicide attack in central ISRAEL, in the towns of Tel Aviv and Natania, on behalf of the PALESTINIAN Islamic Jihad in Gaza. They used forged special sertification to enter ISRAEL for medical treatments.

Fatma Yonas Hasan Zak worked in the women’s Gaza labor office – representing Islamic Jihad – over the past four years. Part of her job was to remain in contact with armed members of the organization. In addition, she served as a go-between for women who expressed a desire to perpetrate suicide attacks. She recruited to the mission her niece, Roda Ibrahim Yonas Habib.

Fatma Yonas Hasan Zak s’ 19-year-old son was present while the two were being filmed before leaving to perpetrate their attack.

The two would-be suicide female bombers got a short training of how to wear the explosive belts and to trigger them on time. They were supposed to receive the belt from another Islamic Jihad activist that planed to smuggle the explosive belts from Ramallah, in the West Bank, to Israel and was arrested few days earlier.


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