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 On Wednesday the 04/11/2007, about 13:00 local time, a car bomb rocked government buildings in Algiers city centre near the prime minister’s office, killed at least 23 and injured dozens of people, AFP news agency reported.

Another explosion hit a police station in the east of Algiers, nearthe city’s international airport.

The explosions came a day after Moroccan Police in Casablanca foiled similar attack .

MAGHREB al-Qaeda” took in the evening responsibility on the attack according to Islamic websites.  In early March 2007 the Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat-  ( GSPC ) announced through the internet that it has changed its name to “MAGHREB al-Qaeda” by merging with other Islamic North African groups ( in Arabic the term is Maghreb) such as Moroccan Islamic Combat Group (CICM).

Some commentators foresaw, therefore, a new wave of Islamic terror attacks in the Maghreb countries like Morocco and Algiers. Indeed Moroccan police managed to foil a multi suicide bombers attack in Casablanca on 03/11/2007 and a second wave of attacks in Casablanca just the day before the attack in Algiers.

Salafist Group for Preaching and Combat – GSPC  is one of the extreme groups that participated in the Civil war in Algiers in the 90’s that claimed the life of more than 160,000 persons. This organization carried out dreadful attacks against the Algerian Military Regime as well as innocent civilians.  There is fear in Algiers of deterioration back to civil war, to the days when Algiers resembled present day Iraq.

Because of these memories and fear of a new civil war, Islamic militant groups in Algiers do not have the support of the population they once had and are much more isolated. On the other hand the Algerian regime is much more experienced to deal with Islamic terror. The chance of renewal of the civil war in Algiers is, therefore, very low.

* On Thursday 05/10/2007 a the Al-Jazeera TV has shown what claims to be a video showing al-Qaeda militants preparing and carrying out last month’s deadly bombings in Algeria on 04/11/2007. The footage showed people handling wires and detonators, and then a large explosion, filmed from a distance.

* A bearded man named as Abu Musab Abdul-Wadud, claimed to be the leader of “MAGHREB al-Qaeda” urges young people to join the fight, calling it “a chance in a lifetime…This is a crusader war on Islam and a battle of destiny between the infidels and believers so do not miss out… come to a paradise that is as wide as earth and the skies,” he said.

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