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Najmuddin Faraj Ahmad, known as Mullah  Krekar, was born on 07/07/1955 in Iraqi Kurdistan.

In 1991, after the first Gulf War, when Saddam regime in Iraq oppressed and pursued the Kurds in Northern Iraq, Mullah  Krekar fled to Norway. His wife and four children have Norwegian citizenship, but not himself.  From Norway Mullah  Krekar continued his relations with Islamic militants in the Middle East and especially in Jordan and Iraq.

In Iraq Mullah  Krekar founded in 1999 Ansar al Islam organization with Abu Musab al Zarqawi, with whom he had contact since 1994. Through the cell of Abu Musab al Zarqawi in Amman Jordan, Jordanian intelligence found evidence to his involvement in the JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot scheduled to the 2000 eve.  On his part in the plot Mullah  Krekar was sentenced in Jordan, in absentia, on 09/15/2004 to 7 years in jail.

In 08/2002 Mullah  Krekar visited the Kurdish autonomy in Northern Iraq. Following this visit the Norwegian authority refused to grant him citizenship, as they claimed that his free visit in Kurdistan, proves that he was not a pursued refugee. He got residency in Norway because his wife and children were already Norwegian citizens.

In 09/2002 Mullah  Krekar was arrested in Amsterdam airport, Holland when he arrived in a flight from Iran after the authority in Iran denied him entry and sent him back to Europe. was interviewed by FBI agents. In 01/2003 Mullah  Krekar was send back to Norway.

On 03/2003 Mullah  Krekar was put under financial investigation in Norway, probably with American involvement through the CIA, on suspicion that he helped to finance Islamic terror but he was never charged on this accusation.  

After the arrest of Jamal Zougam, one of the main offenders that carried out the Madrid Trains Bombing on o3/11/2004, Jamal Zougam revealed in his investigation that between 1999 – 2001, he traveled several times to Oslo, Norway, to meet Mullah  Krekar there for “spiritual guidance”.

On 12/07/2006 Mullah  Krekar was designated by USA Department of the Treasury as an individual providing financial support to terrorist organizations which enabled USA authority to freeze all his assets in USA jurisdiction.

Summary ;

The name of Mullah  Krekar emerged so many times in the activities of Ansar al Islam, the most dangerous Islamic network in Europe, and in connection with so many terror cells in Europe and the Middle East, that it is impossible to assume that Mullah  Krekar is really innocent from harboring terror.

Mullah  Krekar is an outstanding example of shrewd manipulation of the liberal judicial system in Europe.

*Mullah  Krekar was sentenced, in Norway, on Monday 03/26/2012, to five years in jail in Norway for making death threats against officials and others. Mullah  Krekar was found guilty of threatening the life of Erna Solberg, an ex-minister who signed his expulsion order in 2003 because he was considered a threat to national security. Mullah Kreka was also found guilty of threatening three other Kurds living in Norway who had burnt pages of the Koran or insulted it in another way (see also – Krekars’ European Network ).

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