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On last Sunday, 06/17/2007, Amjad Ajuri was shot dead on a hospital table. He was not shot by the ”bad guys” of Hamas but by the “good guys” of Fatah and the event happened not in Gaza but in Shechem (Nablus), in the West Bank. Amjad Ajuri was not an exceptional case – many hundreds of Palestinians were executed, in the last Intifada (uprising), by local bosses of the Al Aksa martyrs Brigade, generally under the excuse that the victims were cooperators of Israeli intelligence. Some of the victims were indeed Israeli cooperators but many others were just in strife, what ever the reason was, with the wrong boss. Many were tortured and the execution was generally in public in the middle of the street or the center of the local square (See also HAMAS-Fatah relations).

In Gaza good guys’s “Death squads” of Col’ Nabil Tamuss, a high ranking officer in the “Preventive Security”, under the command of Rashid Abu Shback loyal to Fatah, dispersed, in the last years, terror and got their reputation not for heroic battles against Israel but for the killing of Fatah opponents, mainly fellow Palestinians from Hamas.     

On 08/28/2003, when Mahmoud Abbas was the first Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority, he already declared Hamas as a “terror” organization. That declaration did not prevent Mahmoud Abbas to include the Hamas in the Palestinian elections of January 2006 and to commit himself to the emerging of Hamas in the PLO.

There is not “bad guys” versus “good guys” in the internal Palestinian turmoil, as Mahmoud Abbas suggested yesterday, Wednesday 06/20/2007, in his speech to a central meeting of PLO in Ramallah, in the Palestinian Authority. There is just struggle for power in which the two sides use the same ruthless methods so common in the Middle East.

The first to pay the price for making the Palestinian teritories yet another play ground in the major struggle between Iran and USA will be the Palestinian people. The Palestinians are not moving toward a possible political settlement but toward being another Iraq.  The Western and Iranian interference in Palestinian affairs will prove itself in the future as another disaster for the Palestinians.

This time the Palestinians can blame but themselves.

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