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After a few dozens security plans, in the last three years and all depending on the good will of the Hamas and Islamic Jihad,USA has issued another new plan for Israel and the Palestinians for improving security and easing restriction on movement in the Palestinian territories.

The plan, according to an IsraelI newspaper Haaretz from Friday 05/04/2007, demands:

A.     To sets out a strict timetable for implementing the plan.

B.  That Israel approves requests by Gen. Keth Dayton, USA inspector on the Israeli-Palestinian relations, for the provision of weapons, ammunition and equipment for security forces under the control of Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas.

C.     It requires the Israelis to dismantle a series of checkpoints near Bethlehem,   Hebron and Nablus.

D.     To establish a daily “secure” bus service between Gaza Strip and the West bank. (Secure means out of Israeli jurisdiction – A demand that Israel can not except in the current situation).

E.      It demands that the Palestinians establish, by the end of June 2007, a plan to stop rocket fire from Gaza Strip towards Israel no later than 21 June 2007.

F.      Palestinian forces controlled by Mr Abbas are required to act to prevent arms smuggling in the Rafah area of southern Gaza in co-ordination with Israel, by the same date.

The plan is no different than all previous plans except the, so called, “strict timetable” and its implementation is totally dependant on the good will of Hamas, Syria and Iran. There is no lack of weapons or ammunition in the Palestinian Authority, including the forces loyal to Mahmoud Abbas. On the contrary, there is too many weapons and all the factions are heavily armed and equipped. An weapon race in the Palestinian Authority between USA and Iran can only inflame the anarchy and chaos  and weakens any chance of order and security between the Palestinian themselves and with Israel.  Iraq is a good example. 

On Saturday 05/05/2007 , the top leader of Hamas, Khaled Mashaal, dismissed the measure, telling Al-Jazeera T.V Network that Palestinians should not agree to halt rocket fire in exchange for an easing of travel restrictions. “I swear it’s a joke … the equation has now become: dismantling the checkpoints, in exchange for [giving up] resistance,” he said. “This has become the Palestinian cause” and Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has dismissed it, saying it “will legitimizes Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory”.

On the other hand PA president Mahmoud Abbas said yesterday, Monday 05/07/2007, that the new US security plan includes “important steps” and has urged Israel to “respond favourably”.  However, Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniya has already dismissed it, saying it will legitimise Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory.

* The main security problem for Israel now, concerning the conflict with the Palestinians, is to contain the fast Islamic radicalization to Gaza Strip and prevent the Qassam rocket technology to permeate to the West Bank.  The Israeli population around Gaza strip is sparse and most of the Qassam rockets hit empty areas. Israel is heavily populated around the borders with the Palestinian West Bank and most of Israels’ infrastructure, including Ben-Gurion international airport, are in the range of the Qassam. Palestinian town of Kilkilya, completely dominated by Hamas, is only 2 km from the Israeli town of Kfar-Saba and the general distance between Palestinians and Israeli main towns and 70% of Israeli population is between 1 km to 22 km. In that prospect the new Security plan is detached from reality (like so many other USA security plans for the Middle East )  

* In another development U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice cancelled her visit to the Middle East, scheduled to the next week, because of political situation in Israel” as here Spokesman Sean McCormack said. But it seems to be that the deadlock of Last week Sharm El-Sheikh convention and the cold welcome to the new peculiar security plan that is now threatening to push the Palestinians themselves also to an internal anarchy and renewal of the streets fighting between Fatah and Hamas are the real reasons to Condoleezza Rice s’ change of plan.

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