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Toward the second millennium Al Qaeda plotted a world wide terror attack on many targets related to USA, Israel and India, in many corners of the world, scheduled to be executed between Christmas-1999 to Christmas 2000 .

The chief coordinator of the Millennium  Plot on behalf of Al Qaeda was Abu Zubaydah in Afghanistan that operated three terror cells in the Middle East and Canada.

  1. The JORDANIAN MILLENNIUM plot to attack with car bombs, simultaneously, on 2000 eve hotels and tourist sites, where many Americans, Israelis and westerners used to spend time. The plot was foiled when Jordanian Intelligence intercepted a call from Abu Zubaydah to an Islamic activist Raed Hijazi on 11/30/1999 and the arrest of many of the conspirators on 12/12/1999. 
  1. The LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot that was supposed to be carried out by Montreal 99 cell in Canada in 2000 eve by hiding bombs in the Jewish quarter of Montreal, Canada, In the Times Square in New York and Los Angeles International airport in USA. The plot was foiled after Hussein Turi, arrested in Jordan on 12/12/1999, revealed the plot in his investigation and the arrest on 12/21/1999 of Ahmed Ressam when he tried to enter USA from Canada with 70 kg explosives in his car.
  1. The YEMEN MILLENNIUM plot to attack the American destroyer – USS The Sullivans in the port of Aden, Yemen, on the 01/03/2000 with a bomb-ladden boat. The same way the USS Cole was attacked on 10/12/2000, ten month later. The attack failed when the first assault boat became overloaded with explosives and sank.

Other plots scheduled to the millennium 2000 and, probably, linked to Al Qaeda.


  1. Another attack related to Al Qaeda and timed to the MILLENNIUM plot was the Indian Airlines Flight 814 hijacking on 12/25/1999.  The hijacking was carried out by Harakat ul-Mujahidin (HUM), an Islamic militant group based in Kashmir. The hijackers were allowed to escape to Pakistan after the release of three top terrorists held in jail in India. HUM is linked to Al Qaeda because one of its leaders signed Osama bin Laden’s anti-America Fatwah.
  1. Another group of Muslims from Algerian descent, French, UK and Germany citizens or residents, planned the Strasbourg plot to scatter poison in the markets of Strasburg, France, in the week of Christmas 2000, to plant bombs in crowded public places and to spray poison in the Cathedral of Strasburg in the 2000 Christmas Mass. There is proof that the Strasbourg plot was connected to Al Qaeda and the LOS ANGELES MILLENNIUM plot.

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