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On Saturday 10/12/2002 evening, at about 23:00 local time, in Kuta tourist resort in the South of Bali Island in Indonesia, was subject to a car bomb and suicide attack. The place was crowded with many people, most of them tourists. As a result of the explosions 202 people were killed, 164 of whom were foreign nationals including 88 from Australia. Many hundreds were wounded.

The attack began when a small bomb, detonated through a cell phone exploded outside the USA consulate in the nearby village Denpasar, shortly before 23:00 causing minor injuries to one person. It is assumed that the purpose of this explosion was to divert the local police from the main scene in Kuta. 

At 23:05 Pery, a suicide bomber, detonated a bomb in his backpack in the nightclub Paddy’s Pub in Kuta. The explosion caused many clients, with or without injuries, to flee into the street. Some seconds later, a powerful car bomb loaded with 1,000 kg of ammonium nitrate fertilizer, was detonated by another suicide bomber, Arnson, outside the Sari Club, located opposite Paddy’s Pub, causing the main damage in fatalities and property in the densely populated residential and commercial district and shattering windows several blocks away. The car bomb explosion left a one meter deep crater.

Summary ;

The investigation revealed that the attack was carried out by INDONESIAN JI activists under the supervision of Hambali. The masterminds and the planners of the Bali  ‘02 Bombings were Noordin Mohammed Top and Dulmatin. The direct commander of the operation was Imam Samudra.

Ali Amrozi was the man who bought the van used in the attack as well as a large portion of the fertilizer to be used as explosive. Other defendants: Ali Imron, Jhoni Hendrawan – alias IDRIS, who placed the bomb in front of the American consulate in the village of denpasarand the brother in law of Noordin Mohammed Top, Ali Ghufron were arrested for assisting the bombing operation.

The bomb makers who assisted Dr Azahari Husin: Suranto Abdul Ghoni and Zaenal Abidin, were arrested on 04/24/2003 in a police swoop in central Java in the manhunt after the Bali 02 perpetrators.

Dr Azahari Husin, the top bomb expert of INDONESIAN JI and who supervised the assembling of the bombs in the Bali  ‘02 Bombings, blew himself up on 11/08/2005, when the Indonesian police closed in on his hiding place in East Java.

From all the participants involved in the Bali  ‘02 Bombings Noordin Mohammed Top  and Dulmatin were never caught and are today (11/2007) still at large.

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